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It has been nearly four years since the site was set up and I started writing all about writing, which is the only topic I know but at least have learned quite a lot in about 30 years!

Along with my work we’ve seen wonderful contributions from regular columnists Lynn Tulip, Lucy McCarracher and Jackson Rawlings, and guest posters like Lorenzo Matibag, Alana Munro, Simon Ellinas, Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Nadine Amore, Babs Saul, Caroline McCormack, Sam Worthington and several others.

Together we’ve built up a library of nearly 1,000 articles about all kinds of writing that not only covers all aspects of business, blogging and other content writing, but also writing for jobsearch, fiction, poetry, weddings, music lyrics, and all kinds of sensitive times when what you write really matters.

Deliberately I have never taken advertising or sponsored posts, although these days with a healthy amount of traffic I get some pressure to do so! HTWB will soon celebrate its 2 million page views which for a small niche site is quite encouraging.

It also received a brilliant accolade earlier this year when it was included in Guy Kawasaki’s as one of their top recommended social media sites worldwide.

So please, if you find HTWB useful and want to help me keep it going and growing, be very kind and vote for it in the UK Blog Awards – today. There are no prizes – no cash, trips to Hawaii or even a set of garden furniture, I’m afraid – but the publicity will help to spread the word and share this very helpful resource. Just click here or on the image above.

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  1. I just voted for you, Suze 🙂