How to write copy to sell a book of poems? Write more poems.

How to write better book marketing comms … When I started promoting my latest book, Mischieverse, a friend challenged me to write original verses to advertise it and accompany the silly photos I’ve been shooting of the book’s cover. Not being one to back off a challenge (and I love writing rhymes anyway), I got down to it.

Hilarious gift for the Holidays - "Mischieverse," by Suzan St Maur

How to promote a book of naughty poetry … do what it says on the tin

Now the same friend has suggested I publish all the short promotional verses because they’re quite entertaining in their own right. I didn’t argue. Enjoy…

Sharing Mischieverse, with the universe

Friend need relief from Brexit stress?
Give them some laughs; this book’s the best.

Let Christmas balls adorn your walls
This Christmas Day and after
Now Yule is nigh, make sure you buy
My Mischieverse – for laughter!

Naughty, rude and potty-mouthed
Poems to make you laugh out loud.

How to write promotional copy for a book of poemsFinding good gifts is a pain and a curse?
Banging your head on brick walls?
Get them this book that won’t hurt your purse
Naughty poems with hilarious b*lls…

Looking for laughter in these Christmas times?
Mischieverse’s ready with all its rude rhymes!

Friend needs to be in a better mood?
Give them this book – hilariously rude.

How to write promotions for a book of rude poetryChristmas’s coming soon, that’s true
Time to take time off, and play…
And even if you’re working through,
Read this for laughs that last all day.

Want gifts to put folks in a much better mood?
Give them this book – it’s hilariously rude.

Writing rhyming copy to promote book of poemsChristmas comes but once a year
Potty-mouthed words don’t spoil it …
Get them a book full of naughty cheer
The perfect gift for their downstairs toilet.

Naughty, rude, with a bit of swearing
Hilarious poems for Christmas sharing.

Friend loves a game with a ball and a racquet?
Give them this book – in the laughter bracket!

Poetic promotional copy for book of naughty poemsFriend can’t get out for their gardening graft?
Give them this book and make them laugh
Its potty-mouthed verse will make them feel warmer
For weeks, until Spring is just round the corner.

Promotional copy to rhyme with book of funny poemsSanta’s rude and potty-mouthed
Loves to smile and laugh out loud
But also loves to rant and curse
So get him my book, that’s Mischieverse!

Want to know a bit more about the book?

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