How to write poetically about the UK’s EU referendum

Here in the UK everyone is dying to (aren’t we?) go and vote, and decide whether the Brits stay in the European Union or leave it … so here is a simple ditty I have written for you and our lovely observers from around the world, in preparation for the monumental UK event called The Referendum.

How to write poetically about the UK's EU referendum

Just to ensure everyone with even a vague knowledge of English language culture can follow on, this oeuvre should be sung to the tune of popular children’s nursery song, Old Macdonald Had A Farm. These new words, however, are not suitable for the young or faint-hearted.

Below you’ll find a video of the original song, just for reference. Please bear in mind that this song was not composed in the light of the EU’s farm subsidies.

And, there are more lessons to be learned here: dare I say, more valuable? That’s about using old songs and poems as the basis of your own material, re-written with new words but in their old style and format.

How to write contemporary lyrics for an old or in-the-news song

This is a by-the-way observation, but as you’ll see from this and a number of other articles I have written here on HTWB – as mentioned above – it’s possible to use an old format of poetry or song lyrics as a basis to rewrite (in my case) humor.

However it doesn’t have to be humorous; you can use the technique to create powerful posts and articles of your own. And provided that you stick to rewriting old favorites, you’re unlikely to be offending copyright issues.

To be sung to the tune of “Old Macdonald Had A Farm” (see below)

Old Britannia’s in a stew
First they’ve got the Brexit crew
With a leave leave here
And a heave heave there
Here a leave, there a heave
Staying in is naïve
Don’t know what the hell to do

Old Britannia’s in a bind
Remain campaign is well entwined
With a stay stay here
And a pay pay there
Here a stay, there a pay
Leaving is the tw*ts’ way
You must think we’re effing blind

Old Britannia’s got a hitch
Boris Johnson makes us itch
With a shout shout here
And a clout clout there
Here a shout, there a clout
So much crap to crank out
Easy when you’re bloody rich

Old Britannia’s got some grief
David Cameron’s firm belief
With a really really here
And a clearly clearly there
Here a really, there a clearly
Shame it’s not sincerely
Listen though, ‘cause he’s the Chief

Old Britannia’s got some pain
Just what have the Brits to gain
With some cash cash here
And more tax tax there
Here some cash, there more tax
Or an anti-climax
Britain will be just the same

And here’s the musical version to help you sing along

How to write better will NOT be obscured by the Referendum-dee-dum-dee-dum …

…in fact here on HTWB we will continue to take note of all the political bullsh*t that will be written in the last, panting, breathless weeks up to June 23rd 2016, but will not allow it to obfuscate what we’re really here for. (Good writing and common sense spring to mind.)

Are we being cynical about this Referendum issue? Of course not … but whatever is decided, how much will really change?

ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….

How do you feel about the 2016 EU Referendum in the UK?

Please share your views…