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How to write the best content - latest news from HTWBA week or two later the top 6 articles get shared on HTWB itself … and here’s what I curated from some 200-odd articles published on content marketing and social media websites in April, 2015…

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Many thanks to everyone who voted for HTWB and the judges in the UK Blog Awards 2015 … we won the Highly Commended Award in the face of some very powerful competition! Am really pleased as it helps to make all the hard work worthwhile. Thank you again.

Worth reading: top 6 curated articles from April 2015

33 Easy Ways To Write A Headline That Will Make You Successful
By Kelly Smith on the CoSchedule Blog. Yes, another article about writing headlines. No, not another article about “power words,” bullet points and lists. This one approaches headlines from a different and much more refreshing angle, with some very useful advice.

The Underused Writing Trick That Makes You More Powerful, Popular and Persuasive
By Glen Long on Handy explanation of how to use analogies (ergo, similes and metaphors) to good effect in your content writing: not only do they pep up the text, but also – often – they can describe something in far fewer words than otherwise would be needed.

No One Really Cares About Your Articles
By Brent Pohlman on Business2Community. I like this article because it encourages readers not to be afraid of being themselves in their blogging and other content writing. Hear, hear.

The Time It Takes To Write A Blog Post (And How We Spend Every Minute)
By Kevan Lee on BufferSocial. This is perfect for anyone with OCD or a fondness for detailed structures … fascinating insight into how some professionals approach the business of blogging. And I don’t believe a word of it…!

Business Blogging Lesson: How to Blog With a Purpose
By Julia Borgini on Business2Community. Another one for the statisticians showing the effects of various forms of content on businesses of all sizes, plus a slightly better-than-usual round-up of tips on best blogging practice.

Übersuggest – Suggestions on steroids
If you’re looking for ideas for keywords, this toy-toy is sheer brilliance. And it’s free. Have a play with it – enjoy!

On HTWB recently:

List post headlines – should we stop playing the numbers game?
Much as I’m still guilty of using concepts like my 10 Quick Tips, not everyone thinks the numbers game is appropriate. This post started some lively discussions on social media…

How do I become a better writer – 10 Quick Tips
As if to dispute the previous point … let’s not be silly here: I shared my own key pieces of advice developed through learning the hard way over more years than I care to admit to…

How write emails that work – 10 Quick Tips
And again, I’m afraid. More lessons learned the hard way, shared with you so – perhaps – you don’t  have to learn the hard way!

How to make a great networking pitch
Don’t forget that your content portfolio should include what you say when you get up to do your 1-minute spiel at your F2F business networking events. This article will help you get that one right if you’re wondering how to go about it.

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