How to write the bullsh*t out of your business blog posts

Although business blog posts are entitled to be opinion pieces rather than straight, hard reportage, when it comes down to the crunch, your opinion by itself – no matter how much of an expert you are – often isn’t enough.How to write better .netAfter all, despite the informality and intimacy of the blog culture, if you want to be credible in a business context to your readers, you want to make sure that what you write isn’t hot air, yes? And unless you are a very well recognised expert in your field, this needs to be backed up – or it could be seen as bullsh*t.

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And come on … don’t you agree that there are far, far too many business blog posts floating around in the cyber-wilderness which are utter, unmitigated bullsh*t? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just check your email inbox for blog promotions. So you can’t blame readers (and your potential customers) for being a little sceptical about what you say, unless you can back it up powerfully.

The answer?

Write your blog post using these two magic ingredients

One: fact-checked information. This is your key bullsh*t deterrent. Don’t assume, and don’t paraphrase unless you know the topic very, very well. It may take a little time but hey – in the current climate your business blog is becoming increasingly valuable as a pivotal marketing tool for your entire business. So it’s worth spending time on it. And soon you’ll get used to searching for facts and figures on Google with clarity and accuracy.

Emails promoting bullsh*t business blogs are likely to continue lurking in your customers’ inboxes far into the future.

Two: your opinion, slant, take, view, whatever you call it, based on this fact-checked information. This is not an ego trip or bragging: it’s what makes your blog post unique, even though hundreds or even thousands of other people may have written about the same topic. And it’s what your customers / clients, prospects and other readers will value because it’s unique to you, whom they like and trust. Don’t undervalue your opinions on business topics related to your own business: you matter, and what you think and say matter, too. Be bold, on the strength of accurate information and informed, clear vision.

Why so many bullsh*t business blog posts are still written

All you need to do is take a look through your inbox. No matter how good your spam filter, usually you’ll find that a few bullsh*t blog post titles have sneaked in. And the trouble is they often have intriguing, attractive headlines which make you click through … only to find the the post attached to it is bullsh*t. How does that make you feel about the business behind the blog?

Another form of business blog bullsh*t is irrelevance: people in a hurry posting about topics that have no real link with the main focus of either the blog or the business. Often these are taken from off-the-shelf “PR sites” from which bloggers can help themselves for free. And because these posts are written so as to appeal to the widest possible audience, they tend to be bland and boring.

Probably the worst kind of blogging bullsh*t, however, has to be the advertisement trying to persuade you that it’s a blog post. This really doesn’t fool anyone and only serves to make you and your business look unprofessional and sleazy

Whether we like it or not, emails promoting bullsh*t business blogs are likely to continue lurking, perhaps under more sophisticated guises, in your customers’ inboxes far into the future.

Don’t let your business blog posts fall into that trap.

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