How to write yourself a wonderful wedding website

Getting married this year? Welcome John Daulton from Your UK Wedding Directory who explains how to set up a low-cost yet effective wedding website to capture all those memories forever.

Wedding websitesby John Daulton

So… you’re getting married and you know you’d like to document it and keep reminders of it in every way you can. You’ve hired the photographer, and you know your friends will be there taking videos and photos with their smartphones. What else can you do to keep the memories alive?

Quite simply, just produce a website.

In the modern age it is quite easy to create a website yourself without the need to ask a web design company to get involved. Here’s what you need:

Choose a domain name

As you are not creating the domain name for commercial purposes it doesn’t matter what the domain is called. Something that you and your other half are happy with. Domain names now can have all kinds of extensions. Anything from the common and .com to .wedding or .XXX Just have a look here to see if it is available.

The web platform

As the author of this article I feel that the best platform to use that would host the website is WordPress. With WordPress you can easily assign a theme to your site, create pages, upload images and videos, plus there are lots of different plugins to enhance your site with.

The website hosting

Without hosting you cannot have a website. This is where the website is stored. I would recommend buying the domain and hosting together, and checking that the WordPress platform comes with the hosting. Most of the big hosting companies now include WordPress as part of the hostage package. It is simply installed by just clicking a button.

Remember to renew your domain and hosting

You can renew your domain and hosting annually or by a larger number of years. The maximum number of years at a time you can renew your domain for is 10. You just need to remember to renew it when the time comes round or there is a chance your website will be deleted for good without and chance of retrieving it.

When you initially register your domain and hosting you will be asked for personal details, including an email address. Always use an email address that you will never delete! If you no longer have that email address when it comes to renewal time you will not see the renewal reminders popping up in your inbox.

What do you write for your wedding website?

Now you know what is needed to create your wedding website you may be wondering what you need to put onto the site itself! Basically you put on it whatever you want to.

They are your memories and there is no right or wrong way of producing the website. If you create your website as part of the process of things to do in the run up to the wedding you can even include the different elements of the wedding.

Here are a few suggestions as to what you could put on the site:

  1. The location of the wedding
  2. Where the reception will be
  3. Places to stay for your guests
  4. The wedding schedule
  5. The gift list (linked to the main gift website)
  6. Different photo galleries, including one of the big day
  7. How you got together
  8. Honeymoon information

Here are a few more suggestions from moi

A blog where you share the day-to-day issues involved in organising your wedding. Many of your readers will have been there and done it and if you have a “comments” facility on the website (which I know John can organise for you) you can have lovely interactive conversations with your friends and family that will be fun for you all, and also may well provide you with invaluable advice and tips.

Things to go, see and do around your wedding venue. If people are due to travel some way to attend your wedding they may well make that into a weekend away or similar. On your website you can share places of interest in the district so they won’t feel at a loose end at the times when they’re not required for your wedding celebrations!

A photo gallery of preparations for the wedding, not just from the big day. As John suggests there can be a number of photo galleries and these can include anything from the moment you became engaged, through to moments when you’re all running around like headless chickens getting things organised! Remember that humour and love are strong partners so if you can canvey these on your wedding website you — and your folks — will cherish it all the more.

And there is much more your wedding website can do: the only limit is your imagination!

Should you decide that you want to pass on the job of creating your wedding website then Cathedral Web Design are always available to make this an easy task for you. Whether you’re in the UK or beyond, just get in touch with John and he will be pleased to advise you.

What experiences have you had with wedding websites and what’s written on them?

Please share!