In Milton Keynes this Friday? SO WHAT?

If you like a good breakfast and are within spitting distance of Milton Keynes this Friday October 23rd, come and join me and some other rowdy business professionals for my 10-minute tip using my beloved SO WHAT? test. We will be at Mark Orr‘s popular Business Growth Club biz-breakfast …

In Milton Keynes this Friday? So what?

I developed this test to help people in my workshops improve their written and spoken “elevator pitches,” but it works just as well to sharpen up almost any business proposition. Although you can read about the SO WHAT? test here, on Friday we’re going to give it a live demonstration. (And discuss it, enhance it, rip it to shreds, etc., over the eggs on toast at Abbey Hill Golf Club, MK8 8AA.)

Here’s the official blurb … and here’s the link to book your place.

The  SO WHAT? Test™ with Suzan St Maur 

In this 10 Minute Tip local business writer and trainer Suzan St Maur shows you how to use a ridiculously simple test to make sure that whatever you write for business gets the right message across to your audience … and reflects that in your bottom line.

The SO WHAT? Test™ is the result of many years’ helping clients, their advisors and marketing consultants to focus and get to the real point. That means writing words that accurately convey not what you want to say, necessarily, but what your client or customer needs to read or hear. As you can imagine, this is not always as simple as it sounds, despite the fact that it should be.

In Suzan’s tip you’ll learn how to do it so you can turbocharge your elevator pitch, advertising and other headlines, taglines, blog posts, social media posts, business propositions and more.

And who is Suzan St. Maur? 

Former ad copywriter Suzan St Maur has written professionally for numerous business genres since the 1980s, as well as writing more than 30 published nonfiction books. Today she gives workshops and talks on content writing and helps individual business people produce more effective words – written and spoken – of their own. Check her out at her award-winning website

In Milton Keynes this Friday? So what?

Originally from Canada, Suzan has been a Milton Keynie since the time the city was in its early years and, having wandered away to hone her meagre skills in London, New York, Toronto, Brussels and other such backwaters, now spends most of her time back here in Greater Metropolitan Milton Keynes.

She has a grown-up son who also lives and works in Milton Keynes (Account Manager for DHL Express) and inhabits a crumbling, rambling house in Aspley Guise, with numerous dogs and cats. When not working on business Suzan spends far too many hours per week working as a cancer patient representative volunteer locally (Suzan is a cancer survivor herself), and on weekends helps to judge dressage, as in horse riding, competitions.

Is that really me? Come and find out on Friday, anyway, if you can!

Hope to see you there. Click here to book.