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For this episode of Writing From The Heart please welcome plain English poet Inappropriate Grahame, from Rugby (where the game originated), England. I had the pleasure of meeting Grahame when we were in the famous Hunt’s Bookshop in central Rugby a few weeks ago and I was hugely impressed by both him and his poems. Here is one he wrote recently, describing his thoughts about the USA today. Some strong language, but I have asterisked accordingly for our more sensitive readers…

Poem about an Englishman's view of the USA today

Inappropriate Grahame, Plain English Poet


By Inappropriate Grahame

Look at those people on American TV
they’re twice the size of what humans should be.
With their storage containers, bulging with sh*te
bidding on bunkum night after night.

Pimping their rides to their diners and dives
supersize, uber sized husbands and wives
pistols protruding from four XL trousers
guarding conurbations and trailer park houses.
Presidential puppets on the purse strings of banks
peddling freedom with guns, bombs and tanks.
Protecting the peace with their ‘right to bear arms’
burning their crosses in front of the barns
that they built on the land that they stole from a nation
now confined to their reservations

Raping resources, trashing the land
wiping it clean with a gangrenous hand
Subjugation through degradation
a policy levelled without contestation
low-intensity conflict throughout the world
all action heros, banners unfurled
stars ’n stripes ’n cluster bomb nights
all t*ts ’n teeth ’n human rights
God bless America and the American dream
God forbid they should ever be seen
as anything other than wholesome and clean
an apple pie smile from a tinsel town scene
crushed on the cutting room floor

It’s a Kentucky Mc’f*cky Mc’feed me tonight
with less nutritional value than sh*te
turn on the tv, turn out the light
the baddies in black
the goodies in white
this ain’t mother f*cking right.

For more about Inappropriate Grahame, check out his Facebook page here.

© Inappropriate Grahame 2018