Introducing your Canadian correspondent…

…i.e. ME! Today (July 30th) I disappear into the clouds for a few hours whilst making my way home to Ontario. But if you thought I would shut up and leave you in peace until early September when I return to the UK, uh, uh. Wrong.Introducing your Canadian correspondent...

Armed with my trusty laptop I will be keeping in touch with everyone and everything, and although I’m supposed to be relaxing and unwinding and all that stuff, you know what I’m like … I’ll be back in here posting and (I hope) sharing useful information about writing as I find it in North America.

No peace for the wicked…

As I wave goodbye to my son, his friends and my noble (and incredibly long-suffering) assistant Lesley, all of whom are manning the fort back at our house/my office here in the UK, I am vowing to do the following while in Canada:

  • Keep in touch with what’s going on in the business writing world
  • Keep in touch with what’s going on in writing for fiction, jobsearch, students, music and poetry
  • Deliver some writing workshops in Toronto to some amazing entrepreneurs and SME owners who inspire me as much as I inspire them
  • FINALLY finish editing my naughty-but-funny novel which should be published in the autumn/fall
  • Work on a “memoire” book which will probably shock you all, but is all true
  • Stop working for substantial chunks of time, go to the beach (fresh water of course, in Ontario)
  • Go shopping and take cruel advantage of the GBP £ – CDN $ exchange rate
  • Visit my numerous friends and family all over southern Ontario and into south-west Québec
  • Stuff my face with delicious food and drink
  • Breathe
  • Sleep

… not necessarily in that order.

Introducing your Canadian correspondent...

Suze is on her way home to Canada

Don’t go away … I will be posting!

Maybe not as often as we’re used to, but … In the meantime have a great northern hemisphere summer holiday. And all will be back to normal in September.





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