Is coming up with good ideas for business blogs taking too much of your time?

How to write brilliant business blogsThe no-bullsh*t guide to writing blogs that boost your brand, business and customer loyalty

Fed up with the gurus and so-called experts telling you how to set up your blog without sharing any really useful ideas on what to write about? This is the book that cures the problem. 50,000 words not about plugins, widgets and other whizzybangs but some good, sound sense on what to write that makes sure your blog achieves, retains and grows your status and the ongoing business you so richly deserve.

Don’t just take it from me: the reviewers tell you what they thought about this book:

“I have been writing business blogs for my site ( for a couple of years now, and thought I had little left to learn. Although, being in a very niche market, it’s very easy to run out of ideas of what to write about. When I started reading “How to Write Brilliant Business Blogs” I realised that there is much left for me to learn, and before long I had a pad and pencil at my side, writing down ideas as they occurred to me while reading this book. The pad is now full of new ideas, and I feel re-invigorated with enthusiasm about my blog. The book is written in a relaxed conversational style, and feels more like having a chat with a (very knowledgeable and experienced) friend rather than reading a book. The first part of the book sets the scene, and then there is a comprehensive A to Z section, making it easy to dip in and out of. I must confess I read the book from cover to cover as soon as I received it, but I know I shall be re-visiting it time and again to refresh my thinking and gain some new ideas. Whether you are a complete novice at blogging, or a seasoned professional, this book has much to offer, and I would highly recommend it.”
Jane Hatton
United Kingdom

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“I really liked this. Not only for the no nonsense approach so people can just get on with blogging and not bother overmuch with the deep theory of blogging, also liked the guidance on frequency and blogging types which makes it a lot clearer than around 99% of other stuff I have read. Really like it.”
Sue Edwards
Law Hound Ltd
United Kingdom

“Everyone who is contemplating a business blog needs to read this book. Not only does it take you step-by-step through everything you need to know about setting up your blog, it also enables you to manage the process so that you’ll keep up the momentum and achieve your business aims. It contains easily digestible, bite sized chunks of sound advice on every aspect of business blogging. With this book in your armory, blogging stops being a looming chore and starts to be an inspiration-filled fun activity which will also drive revenues to your business.”
Cathy Dobson
Red Door Consulting GmbH

How to write brilliant business blogsFantastic!  At long last, some common sense writing about how businesses can use blogging effectively.  I know I need to blog for my business but have shied away from it because I thought it would take a lot of time out of my otherwise very busy diary and that I didn’t have the skill to create effective copy.  This book not only has given me tools and an A-Z, literally, of blogging tips, but it has also given me confidence in that I already have the necessary tools to create an effective blog and that it doesn’t take up anywhere near as much time as I thought it would.  It’s easy to follow steps, jargon busting techniques and putting things into plain English context,  has meant that for the first time ever, I am now planning our first year’s blogging campaign for our new business.
Cindy-Michelle Waterfield
Sales & Marketing Director
I Want A Speaker
United Kingdom

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to read your new book. I now feel much better equipped to develop our business blog. The first thing that I am about to do today is to develop our blogging strategy and thanks to you, I now have a basis on which to start. So thanks. I would love to submit a review:”
“’What a wonderful resource, Suzan gives practical guidance firstly, how to develop a business blog strategy, then goes on to sourcing content and how to structure your writing. A wonderful and inspirational book for anyone considering entering the fun and rewarding business blogging arena.’”
“I wish you every success in the publication and promotion of your book, you deserve it.”
Bryce Anderson
CEO – Light Degree Ltd
Job scheduling and CRM for field workers
United Kingdom

“Getting the right tone has always been the hardest aspect of business blogging for me. Finding a unique voice which strikes the right balance between professional authority and a warm and personal style, appropriate to the audience, is the most challenging thing to get right, and Suzan’s advice about what to consider is spot-on. A valuable toolkit for every business blogger”
Maya Middlemiss
Saros Research Ltd
United Kingdom

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“I have been a fan of Suzan St. Maur’s work for a while now. So, when she asked me if I could review her latest release, I felt more than honored.
‘How to Write Brilliant Business Blogs’ is the best book on business blogging I have ever read. It offers gems on every page. And Suzan’s usual writing style, wittiness, and gusto, which make her such a unique and endearing professional, also help drive the message home.
Like many, I don’t have time for long spiels. I love organized content that allows for easy skimming. ‘How to Write Brilliant Business Blogs’ is perfect in that sense. From customer experience to grammar, headlines, humor, and social media sharing, Suzan covers in depth everything you need to know about blogging. She also provides specific examples and resources that even seasoned writers will find useful.
My favorite thing about this book? The inclusion of ideas for industries that don’t get much coverage, such as gardening, used cars, bed & breakfasts, health and safety, insurances, and law.
I do not say this often but Suzan is a rare individual in her field. Not only does she deserve the title of expert, but she also has this uncanny ability to speak to you as if you were the only person in the room.
I recommend ‘How to Write Brilliant Business Blogs’ to anyone interested in taking their blog to the next level, no matter their what their experience level is currently.”
Cendrine Marrouat
Social media coach, blogger, curator, journalist, and author
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“As a former teacher and someone who taught computer novices in the early 1980s (everyone was a beginner then!), I learned that people needed “baby” step instructions and Suzan’s book is just that. She makes blogging easy and she takes what others have made complex and makes it simple. ”
Trudy Van Buskirk 
Marketing Guide and Storytelling Coach for Women
Toronto, Canada  

How to write brilliant business blogs book“From one of the best and most experienced bloggers about writing, this book contains everything (that I can think of) you need to know about blogging for business. Suzan St Maur takes you through the step-by-step process of writing engaging blogs, and answers an A-Z of questions about how to attract readers, use your blog as part of your sales funnel, manage your SEO, and write on a variety of subjects from the personal to the professional. If you’re a blogger, a business or a beginner, this book is one you can’t afford not to read.”
Lucy McCarraher
Managing Editor
Rethink Press
United Kingdom

Whether you are a new blogger or you have years of experience behind you, How to Write Brilliant Business Blogs is a must-have. It’s filled with relevant, straightforward information arranged in an easy-to-find format, making it an ideal reference for those middle-of-a-post questions. I will definitely be recommending this to my blogging clients.
Marie Leslie
Social Media, Marketing & Business Consultant
Marie Leslie Media
Colorado, USA

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