Latest funny written whoopsies from the UK’s Daily Fail…

Yet again we find inadvertent humour from the captions and other written words on the website of the UK’s most loved/hated tabloid. Join us for our latest selection…

Yet more laughs from inadvertent goofs on the UK's Daily Mail news site

“The model made her way by the sporty red Ferrari in a tight skirt…”

Meghan Markle is being guarded by royal protection officers as Palace prepares to announce engagement to Prince Harry this week … I guess Harry and the Palace have been in love for a long time. Many congratulations to them.

Georgia was the picture of confidence as she stepped out in Essex – after debuting her drastically different appearance following cosmetic surgery last week … You’d need to be a picture of confidence to step out only a week after cosmetic surgery. Even in Essex.

Yummy! She was later seen feeding her appetite with some hotdogs … I prefer to feed my appetite with human food, but at a pinch dog food will do.

Both ladies wire their hair down, and both wore shades … I know the feeling. Wiring my hair down is the only way to cope when it’s windy out.

The 43-year-old beauty styled her short platinum blonde hair in a side parting shaping her pretty face perfectly in the red lace dress as they posed for the cameras … Was she looking out of one the dress’s armholes?

Wearing her hair in tousled waves and accentuating her chiseled bone structure with flawless make-up, the model was then seen clapping her derriere at the camera … Have you ever tried clapping your derriere at a camera? Sounds unnecessary, unless the camera has a sound pickup.  

The cut-out piece made the most of her slender midriff, which she wore high on her hips, elongating her shapely pins … I know yoga makes you very supple, but this one’s a contortionist. 

She confirmed their break up last month and was no doubt keen to show him exactly what she’s missing as she stripped down for the sizzling shoot overseas … Do you think what she’s missing could be part of the break-up problem?

Researchers believe sleep – suffered by Kendall Jenner – is brought on by stress and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), among a number of factors… Ah, OK. NB: for most of us, sleep is brought on by being tired. Sorry, Kendall.

Stepping out: The model made her way by the sporty red Ferrari in a tight skirt… Doesn’t the sporty red skirt inhibit the Ferrari’s activity? 

Classic glamour: With her platinum tresses resting on her back in loose waves, the mother-of-two added an extra touch of classic glamour with a pair of cat eye sunglasses … Silly question: were her platinum tresses attached to her head at the time?

And Denise Van Outen revealed the pair will soon be moving in together on Friday’s edition of Loose Women… Hope the TV studio has enough space to house all your stuff, and his. 

Sultrily looking off into the distance, she left her brunette locks into a tousled curl which feel down her back and drew attention to her narrow waist and perky posterior… Wow, not surprised. Especially as her brunette locks were feeling down her back. Must be itchy as hell, especially at night.

Douglas was stylish in a sweater around his neck, a short and khakis… Stylish? A potentially cold one at this time of year.

The two couples are set for a busy few days before Kate and William fly back to London tomorrow… Busy indeed, if they have to cram a busy few days between today and tomorrow.

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