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Newz from Suze onm HTWBAre you due to give a wedding speech this season?

Have no fear – you’re OK here. (And it rhymes: WTG!) For now check out this category on HTWB and watch out for a brand new book that’s just for you, no matter who you are in the wedding heirarchy. Traditional roles are OK but there are new ones too, and pretty well everyone is covered on this site (and in the book.)

And here’s a freebie you won’t want to miss … do you need to give a wedding speech the format for which isn’t included here already? No worries. Drop me a note on and I’ll see what I can do to advise you. (Just don’t tell my accountant who thinks I’m nuts to advise for nothing.)

Radically updated “about” page – have a look at the latest news and latest books list!

I know you’ve see this photo of me and my beloved rude poetry book before and I don’t apologise for that, although I do apologise for the over-bleached hair which makes me look like a polar bear’s grandmother. Don’t blame my hairdresser, either; it was all my fault.

About Suzan St Maur – best-selling author, author coach, publishing and marketing consultant

Seriously though, folks, my service offerings have changed a wee bit in the last year or two so you might like to know what I’m offering clients these days. Read da page.

If you need help with further specialised types of business and other nonfiction writing bear in mind that I am lucky enough to have appropriate contacts all over the English-speaking markets. If you contact me and I can signpost you to the help you need, I will. (Am here to help you and p*ss off my accountant, bless her.)

Canadian Small Business Women

As you know I’m a “Canuck” and am very proud to have been asked to contribute to the website of this great group based in Mississauga, Ontario which is all of about a 5 minute drive from my spiritual home in Etobicoke.

One more with the over-bleached hair. Yuk. Despite that I can’t wait to catch up with these great ladies in Ontario later in 2019 when I’m home for a few weeks.

Coming soon: How To Write Better Books

Logo for How To Write better Books Simple, easy-to-read eBooks and print books to help you with your writing where it really matters.

No bullsh*t, no waffle, just plain common sense and experience based on, OK, experience, but also experience that’s up to date now.

Don’t forget that old joke: 20 years’ experience, or one year’s experience repeated 19 times?

Here’s what’s on the preliminary menu: I’ve got four titles lined up for that, in order of anticipated appearance:

  1. Wedding Speeches For Everyone … see above. No matter how much we now stray from the old-fashioned traditional roles in weddings, many people still want to retain a certain link to old values. Speeches at weddings today easily can cross over from those old values to our newer, equally precious ones, with the right kind of sensitivity, awareness and love – as well as the right kind of thought and writing in preparation.
  2. The Simple Way To Write Your Nonfiction Book … the sequel to my dear old (and organic Amazon No. 1 best seller) How To Write Winning Nonfiction. In the years between that book’s publication and now there has been a huge wave of change in the nonfiction book publishing sphere and anyone seeking to get such a book published now needs to know the up-to-date facts. Simple Way cuts the bullsh*t, shares the realities and shows you the way without clutter or waffle.
  3. How To Write Anything – Better! … with nearly 2,000 articles and tutorials on writing anything from a business plan to a eulogy … a poem to terms & conditions … this book will combine the best of the vast range of writing help How To Write Better with Suzan St Maur has curated and created since its inception in 2011. A priceless reference resource whether you write for business, pleasure, social reasons or of course, fiction, nonfiction and humour. (Plus a few.)
  4. Maddening Metaphors … a derivative of Suze’s earlier title “English Business Jargon & Slang,” this book is aimed at anyone who finds everyday metaphors in English to be a pain in the a*se to understand. It will be of particular interest to people for whom English is a second language as well as people who are on the Autism spectrum and only think logically as, of course, we all should but don’t.

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