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How to lift your blog posts, write well even if you’re terrible at it, schmooze VIPs in your industry and much more … what Content Writing News subscribers received from the best of the net I curated during May 2015.

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(For a list of the top 10 most helpful articles on blogging for business as chosen by our readers, click here)

Greetings from “flaming June” here in England where I am still running the heating in the evenings as the temperature drops to single figures Celsius every night. It is probably warmer in the southern hemisphere right now despite it being winter there. Still, that leaves plenty of time for work without any distractions like sunshine and barbecues…

What’s new

Business, business and more business. Word on the street is that businesses in the UK were waiting a) for their Year End and b) the General Election result before launching into new projects. And certainly, since the election early in May, numerous projects which my clients had been discussing for some weeks have now gone live. All at the same time, which has seen me putting in some very long hours. Hope your businesses and lives are as lively and optimistic, wherever you are.

Worth reading: top 6 curated articles from May 2015

Why blogging earns traffic and links
By Donna Duncan on Business2Community. Nice, straightforward article demonstrating the way blogging for business gains you “Google Juice,” traffic and links, and why those matter (should you need reminding.)

How to produce great content even if you’re a terrible writer
By Sujan Patel on Search Engine Journal. Not that you are a terrible writer, of course, considering that you are an avid HTWB reader … but in just in case you want some alternative ideas on content creation, this article is a goodie.

7 proven techniques to make your blog posts soar
By Brian on Very useful piece that shows you the key ways of lifting your blog posts out of the ordinary to get them noticed and more to the point, to get them shared more frequently.

How to create content that your VIPs will love to share
By Jeffrey Kranz on Buffer Social. It should have the subtitle, “because flattery gets you everywhere…” but like Brian’s piece above, this one shows you how to get attention – this time, from key influencers in your marketplace.

How to boost your email reader engagement
By Ray Edwards on Copywriter Collective (which I’m proud to say is now featuring many of my articles, too.) I like the way Ray shows you how to connect different media from emails to blogs to video and more, strengthening the power and reach of your message.

10 expert search tips for finding who, where and when
By Henk van Ess on I love researching on the internet when I have something to write and until I read this, I thought I knew all the tricks. I was wrong. Henk’s tips will allow you to find out absolutely anything. Superb.

Relevant stuff on HTWB during May 2015

How to make benefits your best friends in business writing – 10 Quick Tips
Actually my tips tend not to be all that quick, but in this article I share not just why features need to be turned into benefits but how to apply those benefits in a number of different instances. Takes a bit of explaining.

What to write when features are objectives
This is a hard one and tends to crop up a lot within internal business communications, motivational pieces and other circumstances when you are seeking to create a change in attitude or perception rather than – necessarily – a link in the sales chain. This article shares how I do it.

How to use humor successfully in your writing – 10 Quick Tips
Another in the 10 Quick Tips series – this time looking at the dos and don’ts of using humor so you get the right kinds of laugh at the right times, in the right places. Can be liking skipping in a minefield if you get it wrong, but here I try to prevent that from happening to you!

Writing properly for business – why does it matter? Really?
After years of being accused of being a Grammar Fascist I thought I would try to set the record straight by sharing some common sense reasons why it pays to write correctly. I also published this on LinkedIn and got big discussions going in several groups…seems it’s a topic everyone loves to hate!

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