MISCHIEVERSE – rude humour poems by Suzan St Maur (scroll down for some samples!)

You and your friends and family (provided you all have a good sense of humour…) will love my collection of hilarious (if slightly naughty) poems about all those piffling little things that annoy the hell out of us. With the help of this book, you and yours will laugh with me at the irritations of daily life … reduce your stress levels,  relax your nerves and – of course – be the perfect bedside or even bathroom read to lift your mood.

A perfect Mischieverse gift for anyone in need of a naughty, hearty laugh…

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Mischieverse is Suzan St Maur's first book of naughty, humorous poetry ... from Corona Books UK.

Some examples to give you a flavour…

Why you can love and hate your cat at the same time

An ode to those pesky birds who crap all over your car, and more

Why fresh  is such a lovely word

A glass of wine, and wine not?

A tribute to the lovely Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway

Is this where our garbage / rubbish really  goes?

Why the word yummy  makes me want to vommy.

Enough to put you off watching it ever again.

And this should be enough to put you off body building for ever, too…

It’s the perfect gift for your friends and family who like a naughty laugh. Order your copies of Mischieverse now … and tick off a few must-haves on your Holiday shopping list!  Just click here… 

It’s potty-mouthed, entertaining and very funny. Here’s what some of the pre-reviewers said… (and I didn’t bribe them…)

Rude, irreverent and downright filthy … like Johnny Rotten meets Pam Ayres. –Julia Lewis, actor, Their FinestSupergirlRebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

This wonderful book gave me many laugh-out-loud moments. So many observations that resonated the absurdities of modern life. It’s great to pick up and open a page when the world seems chaotic, and puts a smile on the face immediately. Brilliantly written! –Jane Hatton, founder and CEO, Evenbreak

Snarky, quirky, downright rude, Suze skewers pop culture: its language, fashion, politics, entertainment. Not even family and cherished holidays escape her cutting wit. Through it all, she manages to make us laugh at ourselves and the silliness of contemporary life. –Barbara Grengs, author of the Toby Martin series of children’s mystery novels and Delicate Dames (forthcoming)

An amusing sideways look and anything and everything … the perfect gift –A E Rawson, author of best-selling crime novel, A Savage Art

Mischieverse is Suzan St Maur's first book of naughty, humorous poetry ... from Corona Books UK.

Mischieverse: rude humour that laughs at life’s irritations

by Suzan St Maur
Published by Corona Books UK
© Suzan St Maur 2017-2018