The latest Daily Fail whoopsies: your SundaySmile

Another bumper crop of how the UK’s Daily Fail caption writers thumb their noses at syntax and logic – enjoy.

Funny caption mistakes from the Daily Fail

“Sitting atop of a stallion, the Little Mix star posed up a storm as her beau snapped away on her camera.” (Trust me, no stallion would put up with that bullsh*t.)

Some recent pearls of p*ss-poor writing…

At the time, he confessed to driving under the influence and using cannabis and was subsequently jailed for eight weeks in prison. Unlikely place to jail someone, surely?

Joined by her pals, the Loose Women panellist squinted as she searched for the creature native to the sawgrass marshes as she clad her feet in a pair of white statement trainers. You’d think she would put her trainers on before searching the marshes? Oh, never mind.

She swept her blonde tresses back from her face into a tousled bun that sat high on her hand – choosing to leave the front sections of her bonce down to frame her face. Considering that “bonce” is slang for someone’s head, I wonder what her neurosurgeon does for a living?

After the guests were entertained by Jess Glynne and Nina Conti, RAF parashooters landed in the palace grounds. Parashooters no doubt practising their aim for the next Paralympics. 

While the Phillips enjoyed the outdoors, the Earl of Wessex with his wife the Countess and daughter Lady Louise watched in horror after riders fell off a horse. Not surprising they fell off as most horses can only carry one rider.

Denise was beaming from ear-to-ear as she flashed a smile while working the red carpet. How do you flash a smile when you’re already beaming ear-to-ear?

The unmarried couple were buried up to their wastes in Taghlit, close to Aguelhok in the Kidal region. Scatalogical torture for being naughty outside marriage, perhaps.

Cute couple: Amy and Kurt have been married for a blissful 34 years. (photo of Goldie Hawn (who’s Amy?) and Kurt Russell. They have never married.)

The singer checked out some saucy postcards and some fridge magnets, while Emily bought some colourful beaded presents, no doubt for a present. No doubt.

Emily began a relationship with Peter in July 2012, when her surgeon father Dr Ruaraidh MacDonagh performed an operation on Peter to remove kidney stones and went on to meet the family and later fall in love. And Dr MacDonagh and Peter lived together ever after in blissful – oh, OK.

She raises her arms above her head, showing her writs bound together by a length of white ribbon. Must have a word with that sloppy lawyer.

The duo dazzled on the red carpet as they hit the red carpet. What else did they do on the red carpet?

Pippa Middleton arrives at church as she marries James Matthews. Shame they couldn’t wait until they got inside the church.

Jared and Ivanka though on sunglasses to shield their eyes from the son ahead of their flight. Bright little spark, their son.

Run around: Jared and a man who appeared to be a Secret Service agent headed out for a joke in Central Park on Saturday. Love your sense of humour, Jared.

Time to relax: The couple headed off another for some refreshments. Why couldn’t they buy their own?

And before those men, she was married to former LA Lakers star Lamar Odom, whose children have blamed Khloe’s fame for his demise. Demise means dead. Lamar is still alive.

Horsing around: Perrie Edwards shared yet more envy-inducing snaps from her trip as she took to Instagram on Wednesday as she donned a sexy swimsuit as she rode a horse in the sea. Would have been easier to get dressed before getting on the horse.

Sitting atop of a stallion, the Little Mix star posed up a storm as her beau snapped away on her camera. Trust me, no stallion would put up with that bullsh*t.

The post came just a day after Perrie delighted fans with a scuba diving snap that depicted the star in a black swimsuit which boasted a gaping cut-out between the bust. Interesting juxtaposition.

Making it look easy: Her walking form was stellar despite her lack of a crutch. And this is in a British newspaper. Must have been agony for her.

Katie Price and Kieran Hayler confirm they will have another baby on their reality show. No doubt by C-Section so it’s convenient for the shooting schedule.

And that’s it for now, Daily Failers! There certainly will be more soon, though…

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