Prickasso, Quackademic, Fartner, etc: new words to cheer up your writing

Further to the popularity of my first list of new words for you to use to enhance your writing, here are some more that will bring further sparkles to everything from your business emails to  your laundry lists. Enjoy.

Infernolising, n. Psychotherapists’ description of a patient who rages and vents in anger to the point of spitting fire.

Baby Bloomers, n, pl. Septuagenarians who have had more than three facelifts.

Behindfulness, n. Being aware that your butt lift makes you look like a Dromedary camel on its hind legs despite the surgery having cost you 150,000 BRL reais in a sweaty São Paulo clinic.

Bentagon, n. Crooked pentagon.

Bindfulness, n. Awareness that you are suffering from constipatation.

Brexshit, n. A new language devised recently by UK parliamentarians and political media.

ClinkedIn, n. Online networking platform for ex-convicts.

Cocktober, n. The month of the year when the most babies are thought to be conceived.

Decktangle, n. Flooring for a trimaran yacht.

Demoprats, n, pl. US political party who love everyone and believe that all politicians are inherently good people.

Dockerpoo, n. A Poodle crossed with a Clydesdale horse, popular in shipyards for its strength and resilience.

Drama Tween, comp. n. 12-yr-old learning how to be obnoxious.

Drymaran, n. Land-locked catamaran or trimaran.

Fartner, n. Flatulent lover, spouse, etc.

Hocktagon, n. Pawned octagon.

Infernolising, n. Psychotherapists’ description of a patient who rages and vents in anger to the point of spitting fire.

Kitcoins, n, pl. DIY, self-assembly Bitcoins, popular for payment at stores like IKEA.

Lackademic, n. Someone better suited to vocational studies.

Ogle, n. Search engine for pornography.

Phoney, n. A 15.2hh horse crouching down so it can compete in pony classes.

Pologise, verb. A voluntary penalty point taken by a polo player when they have tipped another player out of the saddle and want to say ‘sorry.’

Prepublican, n. USA someone who is thinking about voting Republican for the first time. UK: a keen apprentice publican.

Prickasso, n. Misinterpretation of Picasso’s painting of a banana.

Pubishing, n. Publishing poetry or prose via a tattoo on your private parts.

Quackademic, n. Someone who lies about their university qualifications.

Slackademic, n. Someone too lazy to work for their high school exams

Slaptop, n. Cheap, nasty laptop that crashes regularly.

Soccerpoo, n. Poodle crossed with a Manchester United player, know for its ability to carry the ball in its teeth as well as dribbling it.

Spitcoins, n, pl. small pieces of adhesive-coated paper used to represent fake money, in the way of early postage stamps.

Startner, n. Attractive person you have just met and who might be a candidate for a long-term relationship.

TexMexagon, n. Hexagon heavily spiced with chilli and smoked paprika.

What new words have you come up with lately?

Please share!