And it’s more written fun and games from the UK’s Daily Whoopsie…

Yet more verbatim written quotes and captions from the UK’s much-loved Daily Fail … throwing grammar, syntax, spelling, geography and even sanity to the wind as usual. Despite being owned by billionaire Viscount Rothermere it seems they still can’t afford to hire proofreaders. Never mind: it makes their website even funnier…

Funny grammar mistakes in newspaper content

No wonder the monkey peed on his shirt.

Glamorous: Stylish Mirka mastered autumnal dressing in a striking monochrome striped dress under a fitted black jacket. She added a pair of knee-high heeled books to her look. Good girl. Even better if they were books written by “moi.”

Roger and Mirka are close friends of the Federers, who were guests at both Kate and younger sister Pippa’s weddings (pictured here at Pippa’s nuptials to James Matthews in May). Roger and Mirka ARE the Federers, d*ckhead.

Snapshot: This encounter, however, went awry, when the creature urinated on Rodrigo’s shirt. Not before he managed to snap some trademark selfies with the marsupial. Monkeys are placental mammals, not marsupials. No wonder it peed on your shirt.

The couple would like to remain at Chatham House after Charles becomes King, according to royal sources, arguing that Buckingham Palace is too expensive to run. Actually, it’s Clarence House they live in. Chatham House isn’t very cosy, either.

Rocking out: The multi-talented star strummed a guitar with her band during the set. Was she holding them by their heads or their feet? Must have made a cool sound.

During a round-table discussion about mental health research, Dr Fang Lui told Prince Harry that her team has discovered a protein complex which could lead to a potential anecdote to prevent soldiers from suffering from PTSD. We’ve heard of talking therapy, but anecdotes don’t really work here.

Ashley comforts his wife, is due to give birth to her first child with interior designer Hicks despite her still having icing all over her face. Does icing on your face make the contractions worse?

More funny goofs from a daily newspaper's website

Does icing on your face help with contractions when you’re giving birth?

Romaine calm: The blonde presenter appeared downcast while she donned a crochet poncho with fringe detailing for the sun-soaked occasion. It’s a good idea to be downcast when pulling clothing over your head.

From Playboy to horse play: Sean Stewart’s ex-girlfriend Daisy Lea exposes her perky bare chest as she mounts a stallion in a thong and suspenders for raunchy glamour shoot. A stallion in a thong and suspenders is serious horseplay.

But Casey Batchelor continued to keep her romance under wraps on Sunday, as she soaked up the sun during a solo outing at a yoga retreat in Cyprus, Greece. Er, Cyprus is a country. In its own right.

The reality star also divulged that her man lives in Kent and owns a stationary and printing company. I hope his business isn’t at a standstill.

The Miami-based beauty drew further attention to her toned stomach with her dazzling belly button piercing which sparkled in the sunlight and made sure to strike up a slew of provocative poses throughout her beach jaunt. Good for the belly button piercing; saved her from striking the provocative poses herself.

Star said she was attacked by a director aged 16 as she was starting her career. These directors start misbehaving young, don’t they.

Stunner: A three-car envoy delivered Serena to the venue, with getting a shot of sister Isha (above) in the front seat wearing what appeared to be a green velvet. I thought she was wearing a dress?

humorous errors in newspaper captions

Bad idea to leave your wig out in the sun.

Emily’s luscious brunette tresses was hidden in a towel as she posed in a large jacuzzi bathtub. So how do we know they were luscious and brunette? And get your grammar right.

Sexy: In another she flaunted her flawless figure in a dangerously skimpy orange bikini, as her locks caught the light while standing in the balcony. Shouldn’t leave your wig out in the sun.

Show-stopping! She confirmed their break up last month and was no doubt keen to show him exactly what she’s missing as she stripped down for the sizzling shoot overseas. Hope your FaceTime was working.

And that’s it for this week’s round up of how the Daily Whoopsie inadvertently gives us all a chuckle!

What other funny whoopsies have you found in the media lately? Do share!