Want a naughty gift at the last minute? Read this review

In case you’ve still got a couple of gifts to get for the Big Day next week, you might like to read this review of my dearly beloved book, Mischieverse … adult poems about many of the little things that p*ss us off from day to day.

The review is from Muddy Stillettos, a lively online women’s magazine in the UK. 

Why Mischieverse makes a very good adult Christmas gift

The perfect book for the downstairs toilet…

The perfect stocking filler for the intelligent female in your life…

and we’re sure the blokes will like it too!

Let me start by saying I loved this book of poetry and I think your mums, daughters, sisters and friends will too. Mischieverse is proper rude humour that laughs at life’s every day irritations that you’ll all recognise. It’s social commentary at its wittiest best and perfect for the intelligent people in your life (especially those who don’t take themselves too seriously).

To steal some of the endorsements from this little gem, it’s rude, irreverent and downright filthy…like Johnny Rotten meets Pam Ayres. It gave me (and one of the authors who left a quote inside the book) many laugh-out-loud moments because it’s full of observations that simply take the p**s out of the absurdities of modern life.

Plus, it’s split into nice simple chapters so you can easily dip in and out, with poems on daily life, animals, food, fashion, words, behaviour, politics, media, and not forgetting some seasonal missives just in time for Christmas. There’s also a few mentions of the Kardashians, because quite frankly, how could we have this kind of book without them!

Suzan St Maur is the author. A writer for many years, she started penning funny, potty-mouthed poems as a hobby about two years ago (as she told Muddy, after a day’s writing work, a glass of Chablis and a naughty poem are light relief)! I met the very smiley and effervescent Suze at a networking event and found out that she is a Canadian residing in the sunny climes of Milton Keynes (I guess she probably needs a bit of humour to get her through the gridlock roads of The Centre:MK around this time of year)!

Suzan St Maur, author of Mischieverse

Suzan St Maur

Her relentless ability to laugh at things ensured the embryonic collection grew, and she was fortunate enough to come across Corona Books who decided to take a chance on her and publish them (more beauty stocking-fillers from Corona Books below).

In Suze’s own words, all the poems have been inspired by the p*ssy little things that get up our noses in daily life…from over-used clichés to man buns, from the aloofness of cats to twerking … and other than using a few asterisks where the language gets particularly colourful, naughty words are included almost everywhere (just an FYI depending on who you gift it to)! Particular favourite poems of mine were O Root Canal, Bathroom Brainfarts, Can You Hear Me (what would we do without our phones) and Absolutely Clear, a damning ditty on British politics.

‘Let me make this absolutely clear,
Say the politicians here
British types just love these words
Largely because they’re worthless turds
Of meaningless vocabulary
Standing for f**k all, essentially.’

So! Where do you buy it I hear you cry! Well here’s a link direct to Amazon where you’ll find it at a very reasonable £6.99 for paperback, and an AWESOME (read the book and you’ll get the hyperbole reference here ; ) £1.99 on Kindle.

“Snarky, quirky, downright rude, Suze skewers pop culture: its language, fashion, politics, entertainment. Not even family and cherished holidays escape her cutting wit. Through it all, she manages to make us laugh at ourselves and the silliness of contemporary life. – Barbara Grengs, Author of the Toby Martin series of children’s mystery novels and Delicate Dames” 

It’s all the Amazons … justsayin’ !