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Writing creative material that’s good enough to grab publishers by the short hairs is always big challenge. Here, guest contributor Gloria Kopp shares her top tips on the tools she finds invaluable for getting manuscripts ready to, er, grab prospective publishers by the short hairs and with luck, lead to a publishing contract. (And best of all, these tools work for most other types of writing, too – for business, blogging, web content, and more.) Go, Gloria …

Essential proofreading and editing toolkit for creative writers

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Writing a book, or thinking about it? Here are some tools you may find very helpful.

Everyone has always got that secret weapon hidden in their back pocket – that trick that helps them get the job done easily, quickly and properly. For creative writers, your secret weapon is right here; a cache of essential proofreading and editing tools to improve the quality of your writing, and turn it from something good to something spectacular.

Fiction writers take note – this manuscript editing software was built to strengthen your writing, save you time in the editing process and provide you with unbiased and hassle-free feedback. Quickly and effectively self-edit your work so you can publish your finished product with confidence.

Language Tool
Available in more than 20 different languages, this open source proofreading program picks up on errors most other spell checkers easily miss.

Australian Help
No writer ever wants to be accused of plagiarism, whether intentional or not. With the guidance of the resource library found at Australian Help, you’ll get a clear understanding of the different types of plagiarism and how to avoid them. You’ll also find other important information for properly citing your sources, as well as grammar guides.

Download this detailed writing app to the device you’re working on, to get real-time feedback on mistakes you’re making. Fix them right away, so you don’t have to spend the time later on going through and looking for these things afterwards.

Hemingway App
Get a color-coded readout of any errors or suggestions for improvement with this free online writing app. You can also download it to your device to be able to use it wherever and whenever you’d like. The readability score gives you an idea of the reading level your writing’s at, to see if it matches up with the audience you’re aiming for.

Streamline the editing process by downloading this software straight to your device and running it through the word processor of your choice. Copying and pasting from your word processor to an editor, making corrections, then copying and pasting back can be time consuming and much of the formatting can get lost in the process – not to mention things can be incorrectly transferred. ProWritingAid takes out the middleman in the copy and paste process and lets you work and edit in one spot.

Smart Edit
Although there’s no substitute for a real person editing your work, Smart Edit comes pretty close. Working right inside Microsoft Word as you type, it acts as a helper for you and a second set of eyes that reviews your work as it’s created. It doesn’t automatically correct things for you, rather it highlights and suggests changes in order to improve your writing.

Easy Word Count
Quickly and easily tally up the words you’ve written to see if you’re on track for your final count with this instant word counter. It’ll give you a total for your words, as well as characters – both with and without white spaces.

Cite It In
Make sure any materials you’re referencing throughout your work are properly cited with the help of Cite It In. Simply input the information about the source, select the style you’d like and you’ll instantly get your reference perfectly cited for you.

Turn your good writing into great writing, and make the editing and proofreading process much easier and more efficient with the help of this arsenal of tools in your back pocket.

If you write books – or would like to – what are the key help elements you’d like to see?

Please share them here, and we’ll see what we can do about sharing them with you – soon.  

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Gloria Kopp

Gloria Kopp is a creative writer and an eLearning consultant from Manville City. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career as a fiction writer: now she works as a part-time editor at Resumention. Besides, she is a regular contributor to such websites as StudydemicHuffingtonPost, Engadget, etc.