New award for HWTB: celebrate with us!

Once again here at HTWB we find ourselves with an award … please join us to raise a glass or a cup! Now don’t worry, I’m not going to make an Oscar speech, but there are two very important groups of people I’d like to thank…HTWB awardOne, our readers. Without you there would be no HTWB. For the last nearly ten years, thousands upon thousands of you have used this resource; I think the current page view count over the period is well over 6 million. I just hope we can continue to provide you with what probably is the widest range of writing advice, tutorials, tips and even some literary humour now and then.

Two, our contributors. OK, I write a lot of the material here myself, but over the years I have had guest posts and columns from a several dozen writing experts from all over the world. That’s why we can offer such a wide range of topics and viewpoits, from technical writing to marketing to poetry and fiction. You guys are great.

Lastly, bear in mind we don’t make any money out of this site, apart from when people buy one of my books. It’s all done for love, not just for online visibility.

So join us now with this rave from the grave (and my misspent youth…) an evergreen fun track from the brilliant Kool & The Gang … bet it makes you want to get down and boogey…!