Have you got a book out on Kindle? Here’s a fab new toy-toy…

If you’re with CreateSpace / Kindle Direct Publishing and have a book to promote, you can now go with one click from its image or wherever it is on your site/blog/etc., straight to a preview of the first chapter or two.

Of course you may have already heard about this! But if you haven’t, read on – it’s great.

blogging for business,blog posts,what to writeDespite being a complete technodork I manage to install it here on HTWB. So trust me, if I can do it anyone can, as my dear WordPress guru Babs Saul would confirm.

I’ve tested it out on mobile and it works fine, unless of course you have a Blackberry, like I do, in which case it doesn’t. ZZZzzzzz….

Try it out on my book here – click or tap on the image above (or the image in the sidebar – scroll down a bit and to your right >>>)

OK – so here’s the Instant Previews deal …

Add Instant Previews of your books to your website, blog, or app
When readers first discover your book, many of them will want to start reading it right away. By adding Instant Previews to your website, you enable your visitors to start reading a sample instantly without ever having to leave your site. No sign up, sign in, or app download required. Before Instant Previews, getting from your site to the first page of a book could take seven clicks. Now, it’s always just a single click away.
Learn more (U.S.)
Learn more (U.K.)
Learn more (Australia)
Learn more (Canada)
Learn more (India)

Hope that’s helpful!

(And in the meantime, if you want to see what other writing related goodies are out there, have a look in here…)

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