New LinkedIn emojis: how do you like them?

As all you Linked-Inners out there will know, this noble platform has hopped yet one more step closer to Facebook with a new range of emojis to replace the simple like option. Everyone should have them by May 6th, I’m told. Here they are…

LinkedIn new emojis

An interesting selection, no? Hello? Wakey-wakey?

To think that dozens or more LinkedIn staffers will have been agonising over this selection for months! Well done folks!

Just a few questions from a picky writer

Celebrate and love … a little similar perhaps? Or is this the love alternative for macho men who think it’s girlie and feeble to talk about love, especially in business?

Insightful … yes, OK, but then what? Just because a post is insightful it doesn’t mean it’s interesting or even accurate. Is this meant to be a polite way of saying it’s boring?
And Curious … do you mean bizarre or nosy?

Here’s what the very American has to say about the word:

1. eager to learn or know; inquisitive.
2. prying; meddlesome.
3. arousing or exciting speculation, interest, or attention through being inexplicable or highly unusual;odd; strange:curious sort of person; curious scene.

And just to keep things nice and tidy, here’s a similar extract from the very British Oxford Dictionary:

1. Eager to know or learn something.
‘I began to be curious about the whereabouts of the bride and groom’
‘she was curious to know what had happened’
1.1 Expressing curiosity.
a curious stare’
2. Strange; unusual.
‘a curious sensation overwhelmed her’

I guess we will just have to remain curious about this word until someone at Head Office over in Sunnyvale CA trips over its ambiguity.

Now let’s get creative…

Just in case someone already HAS tripped over curious, I’ve picked out a few alternatives they might like to consider. Here they are!

LinkedIn emojis humour

Like. Well, a bit.

LinkedIn emojis


LinkedIn enjois


LinkedIn emojia


LinkedIn emojis


LinkedIn emojis

Total BS

LinkedIn emojis

What ARE you on?

LinkedIn emojis

Keyboard warrior

What would you suggest as more suitable alternatives to LinkedIn’s, er, interesting choice of emojis?

Please share!