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Online ghostwriting, researching and editing to save your time and add value to your business

medium_1629269As you know, writing for your business online can eat up many valuable hours of your time that you would prefer to spend on other things.

Next time you find yourself writing a blog post at midnight or editing your website text all weekend, give me a shout and put your mind at rest.

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How you’ll benefit from my experience

Although I grew up writing for print, live business theatre and corporate/educational TV, the greatest love of my life is the internet.

Provided you understand how it works, it is probably the most useful business tool since the abacus.

If you don’t understand how the internet works and how to write for it, it can destroy you and your business and very, very quickly, too.

I don’t profess to be a generalist social media guru: my niche is writing the words. But considering that about 80 percent of all online communications are text-based, those words are pretty important.

Let me help you get the maximum success from your words

As a seasoned journalist, copywriter, ghost blogger and author, I have a massive amount of expertise to plough into your writing projects and make them perform well for you.

And because I have been writing online for nearly 20 years now, you gain from everything I have learned across websites, social media, online publishing, blogging, eBooks and much more (and yes, I learned a lot of it the hard way).

PONY LOVERS promo shot 1Other stuff I do

I’ve had over 30 nonfiction and humor books published, two of which have been no.1 Amazon best-sellers for several years.

I edit other people’s nonfiction print books and eBooks, and also coach people through the nonfiction book writing process. Writing a book isn’t rocket science – not with my help! – and can be a very useful tool in your marketing box.

I love writing humor and can supply you with bespoke jokes, limericks, etc. for speeches and documents.

Remember …

Take your pick from:

  • Researching what you need to write about
  • Ghostwriting what you tell me to write about
  • Editing what you’ve written in rough form

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