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No need to call out the dogs to find what you want to read here on HTWB – just use the new search box top right!

Hi – I’m Barbara Saul and I work with websites and blogs using WordPress, which is basically a tool that means you can edit your content whenever you want, add pages, take pages out, and do all kinds of other things that just are not such an accessible option if you have a more usual website (whatever that is these days).

What am I doing here on Suze’s blog? Well as so many of us are using WordPress these days, she’s invited me to help you with suggestions, ideas and be your Agony Aunt for such things.

Something I noticed recently while visiting How To Write Better was that there was no option to search for something (which is my fault entirely, being her blogmistress and all!) – I’d moved the search field away from the navigation bar as there just wasn’t room for it along the top there anymore.

Pretty soon I found some space – up there in the header area – for this invaluable function. I would visit and want her advice on writing testimonials or whether to capitalise your blog post title (which led me to this priceless article) and simply could not do that simplest of things – search.

So, a reminder to us all to include the option to search your website, perhaps especially if you have an informative blog that people are quite likely to want to refer to with their particular questions.

Agony columns,help,readers,search,Suzan St Maur,Barbara SaulWith WordPress this can be as simple as adding the Search widget to whatever areas you have (usually a sidebar, at least) available. For this blog there is an area within the header to which we can add widgets – perfect for a clear search facility.

Drop over to your website and see if your visitors can search your site easily – if not, and if it just might be useful, see about including that option.


Barbara Saul,Babs Saul,Blogmistress

Barbara Saul

Don’t forget to send in your WordPress and other website questions for Babs the BlogMistress – simply click here to go to her site.

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  1. Great stuff Babs – thanks a lot for that search box. It’s so much faster for me to find things than using the inner gubbins … !

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