OF COURSE – a humorous poem about pompous egocentrics

How to write better humorous poetry … a tribute in verse this time, to people who love to patronise others by prefacing everything they say (almost) with the term “of course.” These people invariably consider themselves (or want to be considered) as superior in knowledge on the topic concerned. And “of course,” by reading what they have to say and taking it in, you are acknowledging their superiority…

Funny poem about the term of course

Hmmm…I don’t think so. Do you? Read on…


“Of course” is such a snotty term
Used by controlling a-holes
It works its way into a worm
That patronises all souls.

The term is often used to place
The speaker on a pedestal
Of higher and discerning taste
Of genius just congenital.

To say “of course” is also used
By d*ckheads seeking gravitas
To seem intelligent, not confused
When told to shove views up their *ss.

More sparks fly when this “of course”
Is said by someone pompous
And we laugh ourselves just hoarse
With guffaws truly raucous.

Then you see some older folks
So sadly grasping on to stuff
That used to matter with no jokes
But now, is worth just not enough.

These older folks will say “of course”
When sharing viewpoints from the past
Forgetting that such lax discourse
Can make them look like a silly *ss.

With those folks, we owe them this
Respect for their experience
“Of course” we never can dismiss
How well they made a difference.

But for the boring, pompous t*rds
Who use “of course” controllingly
Let’s kick them in the naughty nerds
And teach them words consolingly.

“Of course” you don’t need words like this
You up-yourselves smart *ssholes
Or so you say to folks like us
When what we do just bankrolls …

…another chapter in real life
Another stage to prove that’s
Terms which start with just “of course”
Are little more than cowpats.

Want to get to grips with this one?
Shut your mind to “of course”
Include all and everyone
Ditch “of course,” because it’s worse…

…than sharing views without a source.
Leave “of course” to politicians
Like the POTUS, worst or worse
We’ve had enough of these emissions.

(Haven’t you?)
(From me: “OF COURSE…”)

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© Suzan St Maur 2018