On your own on Christmas Day? Let’s sing some carols (turn up your speakers)!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from HowToWriteBetter: some carols to sing along with (turn up your speakers)!As we are online on Christmas Day – and especially if you are by yourself right now on Christmas Day, hey – let’s get into that Holiday Spirit and sing along with some more of our favorite carols! I shared my all time favorite with you on Sunday – “The Coventry Carol” – but here are some more you may enjoy.

Once In Royal David’s City by the Kings College Choir, Cambridge, UK

Another from the same choir… The Nativity Carol

Not so well known perhaps, but a lovely piece of music:

And for something a bit more light-hearted, The 12 Days Of Christmas, by the HooplaKidz

An Arabic Christmas Carol (Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity)

– different, but striking

A lovely version of Ding Dong Merrily On High by the Cantabile Youth Singers

The Holly and the Ivy, by the Vocal Arts Ensemble of San Luis Obispo

And if you want something creative to do, try re-writing the lyrics to Jingle Bells

…as shown and sung here by the one and only (late) Frank Sinatra. I will publish the best parody of these lyrics in a future post on HTWB. Keep it clean(ish). Go on – I dare you!

And if you’d like to get yourself a well-deserved Christmas gift, have a look at these:

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