Ottawa shootings: a few words that express disgust

Today’s appalling shootings in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, have churned my heart up, not least because my beloved cousin Alyson works for the government and as I write this, is still in her building on lockdown. I have been in touch with her and she and her colleagues are OK.

Ottawa shootings: a few words that express disgust

Ottawa’s Parliament building in happier times

At this time I suspect that the atrocities in Ottawa are not unconnected with the awful, awful incident in Québec two days earlier during which time a disgusting Muslim terrorist ran over two innocent soldiers, killing one and terribly maiming the other.

Those of us who live in countries and cities where terrorism has become a way of life – like London, England, which is only down the road from where I live – might be a little more used to terrorist bomb blasts, shootings, even beheadings.

In Ottawa though, the thought of terrorists has, until now, been a very remote notion. Who takes notice of Canada when the USA is just a few hours’ drive down the road? And why would terrorists pick a country often laughed at by other countries as being a huge expanse of very little inhabited by bears, moose, and a few nice people who say “eh?” rather a lot?

Is that why those cowardly terrorist bullies are now picking on Canada?

OK, maybe we Canadians have been innocently disregarding the terrorism threat that many other nations have had to deal with for decades now.

Canada, though, has always been a country where immigrants from all nations and all faiths could meet and live together in harmony … largely because the tension that exists amongst differing cultures in countries with more dense populations, just isn’t an issue in Canada.

In Canada, there is room for everyone: not just socially, but physically and geographically.

When you think that you could fit the British Isles into the province of Ontario five times, geo-spacially speaking, but that the population of the British Isles is nearly twice that of the whole of Canada, you can begin to see why Canada has room for everyone – plus some.

Here’s what I want to write to those bullies…

You reckon that Canada, and Ottawa, its capital, was an easy, cheap target?

OK, it was this time. But don’t forget that we fought off the USA many moons ago to preserve our heritage, and we won’t be afraid to do that again.

If you, terrorists, should be stupid enough to try that again, be sure that your operatives are expendable – because they will not survive their attempts.

Take your filthy, disgusting desires for world dominance via hoping to return society to a culture that is centuries old and a cheap means of dominating people’s lives – and shove it up your unmentionable places “where the sun don’t shine.”

Who is going to stand with us in solidarity for Canada?

Yes, our country is a complete innocent where terrorism is concerned, and we should be aware that many other countries have – sadly – a great deal more experience of this than we do.

So perhaps, we need help from those who have  experienced terrorism at close quarters, to prepare us – God forbid – for what is to come.

RIP to the three innocent military personnel who lost their lives this week.

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  1. This incident has been on all three of our news stations on TV all day. As a human being I’m appalled at the behaviour of some people. As a Canadian I’m disappointed. As you said Suzan Canada has always been regarded by us AND others as a safe place to live. Perhaps we’ve been too complacent. The world is changing – everything is – and maybe it’s time for all of us as Canadians to be more vigilant now —- which is too bad 🙁

    An event with our Prime Minister Harper bestowing honorary Canadian citizenship on Mulala Yousafzai here in Toronto was cancelled because of the events in Ottawa. That’s too bad, too.

    I’m still processing what happened on Monday in Quebec and today in Ottawa. I wonder how this will affect Canada — and me.

    • I’m sorry you are so upset by this, Trudy, but I am too. Maybe we were being naive to think of Canada as a safer country than some, but it was something we all valued. Such a shame that trust has been broken, but we’re strong and as Stephen Harper has said since I wrote this article, we won’t be intimidated by these monsters.