Is your new book’s content already on Google?

book content on Google

If readers can find easily, on Google, all or most of the information you intend to write in your book, don’t bother writing the book. This is a somewhat hard lesson we authors have to take on board, but here it goes: if you want your book to … [Continue reading]

Why even one grammar mistake could cost you your new job

writing tips from Suzan St Maur

All you need is a recruiter or employer who has a bee in their bonnet about grammar, spelling, punctuation and so-on...if your CV/résumé contains one or more mistakes, you are toast. So are your job prospects with that employer. Unfair? … [Continue reading]

Canadiana in writing: a few fun facts about our Thanksgiving

At this time of year we Canucks celebrate a successful harvest and show our gratitude by gorging ourselves on a significant proportion of the produce we slaved all year to grow and store. Unlike the Americans we don't wait until ten minutes … [Continue reading]

A nasty little writing quiz about apostrophes

apostrophe quiz

By popular demand, another sneaky, nasty grammar quiz. The last one got hundreds of comments and likes and I'm told customers and staff in a certain UK fashion house nearly came to blows arguing over it.This time we're looking for apostrophes ... … [Continue reading]

How to write with a tomato

Pomodoro for writers

Do you do Pomodoro? Yes, it's Italian for tomato, but also it's biz-speak for a productivity-increasing method. We writers like to think we can use methods like this to crank out the words faster. (Or do we?) So we asked business admin expert … [Continue reading]

An English writing grammar fiend walks into a bar…

horse in bar

You may think you've heard all the jokes about 'A xxxx walks into a bar,' but I guarantee the majority of you won't have heard all of the following. English language lovers will adore them and even grammar fiends and fascists might crack a … [Continue reading]