Tune in to Suzan today and Thursday … hear how she helps thousands write better!

podcst with Suzan St Maur

Have you been wondering what the old goat sounds like when talking about her work, her writing and how she makes a useful contribution to thousands of people's writing projects? This week on two podcasts! One is with Arizona-based The Authors … [Continue reading]

A book to help you write your own? See what this reviewer said…

what to write a book about

What a great review ... should help you decide if my book is for you! Here it is, copied and pasted directly off their website warts and all. Official Review: How to Write A Brilliant Nonfiction Book Report Post by Ria710 » 16 Oct … [Continue reading]

Why some spammers should be sterilised at birth

article about spam

. OK, I get lots of spammers trying to sell me web development, design, articles about silent toilet flushers that they just know all my readers will find fascinating, etc. But for some reason this one got right up both my nostrils and thought I … [Continue reading]

New award for HWTB: celebrate with us!

HTWB award

Once again here at HTWB we find ourselves with an award ... please join us to raise a glass or a cup! Now don't worry, I'm not going to make an Oscar speech, but there are two very important groups of people I'd like to thank...One, our readers. … [Continue reading]

How to get in the right mood to write

article about getting in the right mood to write

. If you’re anything like me, sometimes you’ll find it hard to kick-start yourself and get into writing mode. If you’re writing at home this can be even harder, because there are endless distractions around the place to help you procrastinate … … [Continue reading]

Brighten up your writing with the right kind of humour

aricle about using humour in writing

. For generations people have been saying that laughter is good medicine. And now the scientists have taken an interest it turns out great-grandma was right. The boffins have discovered that laughter releases helpful goodies in the body which boost … [Continue reading]