Working and writing from home? A veteran’s tips for Corona times

As the novel Corona virus pours increasing amounts of poisonous snot all over our daily lives, equally increasing numbers of workers are considering (and some are obliged to) work from home. I have been working from home since the Ming Dynasty … [Continue reading]

How to order a Google pizza (because we need a smile this week)

Now that between them Google and Amazon are in total control of our lives (well, maybe not COVID-19 yet), I though you'd find it useful to read through this transcript of Google's latest venture: dial-a-pizza. Bon appétit. CALLER:  Is this … [Continue reading]

At last, my new baby’s here – to get your book out there!

better books media

Welcome to How To Write Better's (HTWB's) bouncy, bolshie young sibling ... Better Books Media™ (BBM)! This is the new home for everything you need to get you started with a book or book-related project - even if you've never written a book or eBook … [Continue reading]

World Book Day: yes, YOU could write a nonfiction book

Woman writing

Is it your dream to write your story to share with the world? Do you have a precious fund of knowledge that readers will find invaluable? If you've been through some difficult times, will a book about your experiences help others in the same … [Continue reading]

Have we really killed off vanity publishing? A conversation…

Do you still think paid-for publishing is 'vanity publishing?' Have an eavesdrop into the following (genuine, real) online conversation I got involved in recently. Have changed the names (apart from mine!) for obvious reasons... The topic: … [Continue reading]

A true story to end Random Acts Of Kindness Week

article about random acts of kindness

Every now and again you have an experience like a random act of kindess that restores your faith in human nature, don’t you? Last week I went to a small town in central England to meet a very dear friend, a fellow author, for a social lunch … [Continue reading]