Writing roundup – 4 great topics to help you write better

writing tips

. Here are the latest 'shorty' posts I've been sharing on social media recently ... the first two are about books, and the last two are about writing in general. Enjoy! Can you tell if a book has been produced professionally? Here’s how … [Continue reading]

Thunder-struck writing with a twitchy dog

poem about dog scared of thunderstorms

Writing - or any other activity that demands peace, quiet and concentration - can be badly disrupted by the thunderstorms we're experiencing in the UK right now. But no disruption is quite as noticeable as a large dog trying to get up and sit on your … [Continue reading]

How to research for your nonfiction book (or other project)

how to research for a nonfiction book

The first port of call in any nonfiction book’s research journey must always be the book’s potential readers. By knowing these people well and understanding their issues and problems, you may even find that the book’s structure and content suggest … [Continue reading]

Poem for a hot summer day

funny poem about lost gin

I've lost my gin in the greenhouse by Andrea Kingston Please welcome Andrea Kingston, a retired GP (family doctor) who volunteers with me in our local cancer group and - it turns out - is also a talented and hilarious poet! Here is one of hers I … [Continue reading]

Trying to write and sweat at the same time…

funny poem about working during a heatwave with no air conditioning

If you're working from home and do not benefit from the rewards (hopefully healthful) of working in a fully airconditioned office building, right now during COVID-19 issues anyway ... have a read. I sympathise. And right at the bottom is a suggestion … [Continue reading]

How writing a business book leads to a priceless marketing tool

article about writing business books

. “Having a book published” still holds a certain kudos and perhaps in Pavlov-dog fashion, people automatically associate someone who writes a book about something, with that someone being an expert on the subject. The “$30 business card” gets … [Continue reading]