Want to write a nonfiction book? Check me out here

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Writing a nonfiction book today is something many of us want to do, especially now it's so easy and affordable to self-publish. But since the internet started the nonfiction book's goal posts have moved, and only in some ways to authors' … [Continue reading]

54 grammar fumblerules to make you grin

grammar article

Although we've looked at funny grammar rules before, here is an even more comprehensive list to give you some smiles!. Enjoy (and learn, of course...) Fumblerule? Whassat, Wikipedia? To quote the Wikipedia oracle: A fumblerule is a … [Continue reading]

How to write a feedback form that gets useful results

feedback forms

Have you ever looked at the feedback form you get at the end of a presentation or conference, and wonder what the hell those questions mean? Being a little tired and keen to get home, can you easily figure out what the subjective, often leading … [Continue reading]

24 clever puns for out-there punsters

puns for 2019

I'm not much of a punster myself but so many of you folks are I thought you'd enjoy these. I've never seen them before but they were brought to my attention by my dear friend Laurence H. from London, England, and they even made me laugh -- … [Continue reading]

How to work with co-authors and ghostwriters

ghostwriters and co-authors

When you're writing a book, report, professional paper or other large writing project, you'll often find yourself working in a team either with a co-author or a ghostwriter. Needless to say that involves developing some sort of relationship with … [Continue reading]

How bad writing will cost you sales opportunities

bad sales writing

Today we welcome sales expert Niraj Kapur, who quite rightly spits fur and feathers about the way wannabee business suppliers ruin their chances with prospects due to writing the wrong words in the wrong way. Over to Niraj... We’ve all experienced … [Continue reading]