Why you’ll fall in love with Bullet Journaling

article about bullet journaliing by sarah sibley on how to write better with suzan st maur

Please welcome my friend and colleague Sarah Sibley, the founder of Got2Jot - a fashion stationery company with the most gorgeous designs of all kinds, both for personal and some business uses. Sarah is a huge fan of Bullet Journaling - a highly … [Continue reading]

Black lives don’t just “matter.” They are our world.

Racism is a poison. Please help destroy that poison. George and many others like you in the past: you never, never deserved this hideous end to your lives. We cry for you: not just for you, but for the implications of how you died and what those … [Continue reading]

How important are grammar and spelling? Really?

article about spelling and grammar

Now that the mass media with its “newspeak” vocabulary has been part of our lives for several generations we really can’t afford to be pompous about spelling and grammar any more. Even the stuffiest of academics has had to admit that stiffly … [Continue reading]

Are our storytelling tenses getting too tense? YOU decide!

Have you been reading a lot of books during coronavirus lockdown? I have - my particular favourite genre (not exactly intellectual but provides what I need as a light-hearted break...) crime and psychological crime fiction. Yum, yum. The current … [Continue reading]

Why you’ll never need me to help you write a book

It's no longer a twinkle in my eye. No longer a metre-high pile of scribbled notes. The sequel to my Amazon bestseller How To Write Winning Nonfiction ... a complete new self-coaching book, not just an … [Continue reading]

A fumbler’s guide to live online video chats and meetings

How are you doing with your Zoom / MS Teams / Facebook Lives / Facetime and various other incarnations of live video on the internet, especially now that there are very few - if any - ways to communicate with our clients / customers, colleagues, … [Continue reading]