Latest funny written whoopsies from the UK’s Daily Fail…

Yet more laughs from inadvertent goofs on the UK's Daily Mail news site

Yet again we find inadvertent humour from the captions and other written words on the website of the UK's most loved/hated tabloid. Join us for our latest selection... Meghan Markle is being guarded by royal protection officers as Palace … [Continue reading]

How to write a better cliché – Writing From The Heart

How to write a better cliche - some ideas for words that express current sentiments more accurately than some currently in use (humor!)

We're all using clichés like this at the moment and the repetitiveness is making my teeth itch. In this edition of "Writing From The Heart" we take a humorous but nonetheless heart-felt look at how our current clichés are letting us down, and how we … [Continue reading]

How to write but get it horribly wrong

When marketing communication projects go wrong - how can clients cope with the fallout from the car crash? A classic example of this awful problem for businesses

I must share the following correspondence (identity concealed) I received last night from an organisation I respect ... and which had been very badly let down by some crude, thoughtless writing on the part of their marketing communication … [Continue reading]

Lawyer jokes – written in all good faith, Your Honor…

Lawyer jokes - written in all good faith, Your Honor...some of our favorite lawyer jokes and why we love to laugh about them, here on How To Write Better HTWB

Why do we love to make jokes about lawyers? Is it because they've got legal market sewn up and know that sooner or later we'll need them and they can charge us a lot of money?Or is it because deep down we respect them for the many years of hard work … [Continue reading]

How to write better (or fewer?) swear words in English

is it wrong to swear in writing

Have you ever wondered why the British seem far more relaxed about using swear words in writing and speech than people from other English-speaking nations? Many linguists are of the opinion that because swear words are used much more commonly in … [Continue reading]

Could you turn your blog into a best-selling book? A swift tutorial…

How to turn a blog into a book

How to write better for both blogs and books … this is an update of my earlier article on this topic. As time goes by we are seeing many more blogs being turned into books. The options for people with a powerful story to tell - whether in business, … [Continue reading]