How to use abstracts to introduce your blogs in social media

Using abstracts to introduce blog posts

Assuming you don't post full-length articles directly on to social media (and that's not normally a good idea unless they've been published on your website first) how do you let your readers know when you've just posted something new?And more to the … [Continue reading]

Happy Canada Day!

Celebrating Canada Day 2018

I'm so sorry not to be home yet again for this wonderful day, but for all of us who are from / love / admire Canada, let's celebrate together. Suze xx   … [Continue reading]

Texting code for seniors

Jokes about seniors sending texts

Those of us looking down the barrel of old age (not yet, so don't start spamming me, Saga...) should be grateful to my lovely friend Laurence H., who forwarded this handy list of texting codes especially for seniors. Be sure to print it out and … [Continue reading]

How NOT to write for millennials


I am so thrilled to welcome back our favourite young columnist here on HTWB, the one and only Jackson Rawlings who now writes for much posher publications including Huffington Post and Medium. Here, though, he gives us old goats some sharp, short … [Continue reading]

9 business blogging FAQs: tutorial for 2018

Blogging FAQs by Suzan St Maur

Funny how blogging goes in and out of fashion, eh? After a bit of a lull in interest where blogging is concerned, from about the beginning of this year (2018) everyone has been going "yayyyyy! Blogging rocks!" ... once again. Here are some of … [Continue reading]

Boyfriends or ponies? Key differences, for teenage girls

Boyfriends or ponies? Key differences, for teenage girls

Does your teenage daughter love ponies, boys, or both? With the school holidays imminent in the northern hemisphere, teenage girls in many countries will be weighing up this major dilemma. To help them, and to help parents help them, here are … [Continue reading]