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A gourmet writer’s guide to business networking, part 3

A gourmet writer's guide to business networking, part 3

Chicken dishes: safe but so boring

By now you’ve probably seen the two earlier articles in this series about my gastronomic experiences at business breakfasts and buffets. This week I get my teeth into (geddit?) the sit-down lunches and dinners many of us have to endure…bon appétit. [Read more…]

A gourmet writer’s guide to business networking, part 2

A gourmet's guide to business networking, part 2

Help yourself to some tasty finger food…

In case you didn’t catch up with last week’s article, I am a “serial networker” as someone on LinkedIn called me recently.

In my work (and giving talks) as a business writer I have had more business breakfasts than Gordon Ramsay has said the F-word on TV, and enough business networking lunches to feed a small developing country for a year. [Read more…]

A gourmet writer’s guide to business networking, part 1

A gourmet's guide to business networking, part 1

Typical English breakfast: OK there is black pudding. But do you Yanks really want us to eat Grits?

If you go to live business networking events (yes, yes, as opposed to dead ones) do you ever notice the quality of the food? Do you regard it as purely a means of refueling your brain, as in “food for thought,” or does its quality affect how ebullient you feel in the lively discussions that abound? [Read more…]

Writing for sales: so maybe we DO need a few features…

It had to happen, didn’t it. We stretched the elastic band so tight on heart-centred sales and conversational copywriting and benefits-only wording that the other day, it snapped.

It was someone on LinkedIn who made the point that sharing the benefits of a product or service is all fine and dandy, but what if your prospect asks how you make those benefit promises come true? Not with smoke and mirrors, presumably. So here we must turn to corroborating features. Snap!

article on features

OK, but how do you make it Texas’ best bread?

I’m sending myself up here because I’ve been bleating on about “benefits sell, features smell” since the Dark Ages of my former career as a copywriter. (NB: I still deal with features and benefits in the planning and marketing of nonfiction books.)

So how do features work when our words are benefits-led?

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“I help people” … but so does everybody else

How often do you see in written bios, and hear in business networking meetings, “I/we help people/clients to…..” ??

I help people...

Do you fall into the “I/we help you…” trap?

Of course there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a good way to start off for a number of reasons. That’s why so many of us use the “help you” way into the introduction. Then what happens?

We get the death of a good word, and the birth of a cliché

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Branding: who needs a logo when you wear glasses?

How seriously do you take branding for your business? OK, if you’re Coca Cola or Kellogg’s it’s very, very serious and you don’t have a choice. But for those of us running rather, er, smaller enterprises, do you realise that branding is just as important?

Now, those of you who know me personally know that I don’t do fancy, but I do branding, sort of, for my meagre writing business. Here, therefore, is the “living logo” that has been working very hard for me for the last six years:

Suzan St Maur's glasses

Who do you think of when you see a woman with a mop of short, blonde hair and big black glasses? And don’t you dare say “Maxine...” I don’t do hats. LOL.

Why a pair of glasses for branding, when I’m a writer?

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