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A gourmet writer’s guide to business networking, part 3

A gourmet writer's guide to business networking, part 3

Chicken dishes: safe but so boring

By now you’ve probably seen the two earlier articles in this series about my gastronomic experiences at business breakfasts and buffets. This week I get my teeth into (geddit?) the sit-down lunches and dinners many of us have to endure…bon appétit. [Read more…]

A gourmet writer’s guide to business networking, part 2

A gourmet's guide to business networking, part 2

Help yourself to some tasty finger food…

In case you didn’t catch up with last week’s article, I am a “serial networker” as someone on LinkedIn called me recently.

In my work (and giving talks) as a business writer I have had more business breakfasts than Gordon Ramsay has said the F-word on TV, and enough business networking lunches to feed a small developing country for a year. [Read more…]

A gourmet writer’s guide to business networking, part 1

A gourmet's guide to business networking, part 1

Typical English breakfast: OK there is black pudding. But do you Yanks really want us to eat Grits?

If you go to live business networking events (yes, yes, as opposed to dead ones) do you ever notice the quality of the food? Do you regard it as purely a means of refueling your brain, as in “food for thought,” or does its quality affect how ebullient you feel in the lively discussions that abound? [Read more…]

Prickasso, Quackademic, Fartner, etc: new words to cheer up your writing

Further to the popularity of my first list of new words for you to use to enhance your writing, here are some more that will bring further sparkles to everything from your business emails to  your laundry lists. Enjoy.

Infernolising, n. Psychotherapists’ description of a patient who rages and vents in anger to the point of spitting fire.

Baby Bloomers, n, pl. Septuagenarians who have had more than three facelifts.

Behindfulness, n. Being aware that your butt lift makes you look like a Dromedary camel on its hind legs despite the surgery having cost you 150,000 BRL reais in a sweaty São Paulo clinic.

Bentagon, n. Crooked pentagon. [Read more…]

New words to be, er, adopted by the Oxford (& Webster) Dictionaries…

Here are some ideas for new words which I am hoping to submit for consideration to these august establishments. But first, please read them through and let me know what you think?

new words

Distemper, n. Personality disorder arising from losing your temper too often

A few of the new words we’re looking at here on HTWB…

AhI (Artificial hIntelligence), n. Human reality checks despised by AI developers

Amehzing, adj. Averagely amazing

Awescum, adj. Mediocre, dreary, flaky. Opposite of ‘awesome’ [Read more…]

Why even one grammar mistake could cost you your new job

All you need is a recruiter or employer who has a bee in their bonnet about grammar, spelling, punctuation and so-on…if your CV/résumé contains one or more mistakes, you are toast.

writing tips from Suzan St Maur
So are your job prospects with that employer.

Unfair? [Read more…]