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Grownup business video: what really works, and what doesn’t

Over the last few weeks and months here on HTWB we have shared a number of articles and tutorials on how to make the best of video for business and other organisations (or business documentary video) as it exists today, both technically and practically. (NB I do not include video advertising commercials here – different ballgame.)

How to write video that works properly

Sorry if I’m brutal, but with my history of writing and making business videos, you might my find my views interesting…

Having been a corporate video producer, writer and director for more years than I care to admit to, I have watched the way business documentary video has evolved with a great deal of interest.

The good news is that it has become affordable to thousands of businesses and other organisations who couldn’t have dreamt of using it 20 years ago when its production cost many times what it does now. [Read more…]

How to write in-vision video scripts that work for you personally

It’s so easy these days, isn’t it? Fire up the laptop, pull up some words from a Word document on the screen, and off you go speaking to your camera and broadcasting to the world via Blab, Facebook Live, or any of the other choices we have at the moment.

HTWB TV newsreader

What’s important is that you convey the information in your own confident, natural way, even if it doesn’t quite match up to the style of a top professional newsreader.

But when you watch unprepared speech “to camera” and it rambles, drones, stops and starts with ums and ers, what does it make you think of the person (and business) represented?

And on the other side of the same coin, what do you think of the person (and business) represented if they are staring at the camera like a rabbit caught in the headlights, with the coat hanger still in their jacket, looking terrified and speaking in a tight, squeaky, scared little voice? [Read more…]

How to write powerful voice-over narration scripts for video

Here’s the next in HTWB’s series on writing and producing video for business and other activities, following my own article on Blab chats, Steve Crawford’s excellent piece on what to wear on video and Gail Spooner’s truly cool article on how to use make-up for on-camera perfection

How to write powerful voice-over narration scripts for video

The smooth, silky, appealing “voice-over” tones you hear on videos on YouTube and elsewhere online don’t happen by accident. It really is worth investing in a professional…

This time, we turn to pre-recorded video and the ubiquitous voice-over narration … the unseen “voice of God” that partners with the images to present a multi-sense message for your business or other activity.

But how exactly does voice-over narration work?

[Read more…]

Blabbing on live video – some useful tips I picked up

If you have been following HTWB for a while you’ll know that recently I was initiated into the wonderful world of Blab, that incredible new institution that despite sounding like a tropical skin disease is actually a brilliant new channel of online communication.

Blabbing on live video - some useful tips I picked up

Despite Blab being a fairly new medium there are many “how to” articles and demos around. However here are some tips that I picked up while preparing for and doing my first Blab chat…and you might find them helpful.

First of all huge thanks must go to my good friend Steven Healey who grasped Blab by the throat the moment it emerged back in the summer of 2015 and has made it his own, with a brilliant series of Blab chats (Blabbers? Blabberations? We need a new vocabulary here…) [Read more…]

How to make good business videos without going to Hollywood

Further to my two earlier articles about the need for a script when you make even the simplest of business videos and how to write and use that script, let’s now take a look at how to inspire a bit of audience-pleasing imagination into your 2 minute website intro or your business’s YouTube channel.

HTWB Hollywood

A good business video doesn’t have to cost much to film and edit, as long as you make the most of the medium. It won’t be a Hollywood production, but it will show customers and prospects what your business can do for them.

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Hey, business video makers: aren’t you forgetting something?

Hey, business video makers - aren't you forgetting something?Speaking as someone who has written and produced more business videos than you can shake a stick at, I was fascinated to read the following training schedule for a 4-day course on how to make digital business videos.

We’re not talking pure production here: the company concerned feels that this is all you need to do to create a business video from start to finish. So why am I bitching? [Read more…]