Written smiles to cheer and end our week

sales pitches that are wrong

Want some smiles from the 'media' that aren't about Brexit or Donald Trump? Given the sheer hysteria we're experiencing in UK politics right now, plus the increasing capriciousness we ingest from politicians in the USA and elsewhere, let's end … [Continue reading]

Well, hello again, article writing spinners!

spinning articles

Whaddya know - the article spinners are back in town! Here's a lovely missive that lurked in my inbox the other day courtesy of two handsome young brothers in Pakistan who would appear to be launching a long-awaited comeback of this irritating and … [Continue reading]

Some jokes written specially for Labor Day

Labor Day 2019

A few written chuckles for Labor Day - to accompany our heartfelt wishes of luck to all of you threatened by the monster Hurricane Dorian and other storms this year.Labor Day celebrates the contribution of workers to North Americans' economy. North … [Continue reading]

Writing for sales: so maybe we DO need a few features…

article on features

It had to happen, didn't it. We stretched the elastic band so tight on heart-centred sales and conversational copywriting and benefits-only wording that the other day, it snapped. It was someone on LinkedIn who made the point that sharing the … [Continue reading]

Writing with dyslexia: how to write faster without touching anything

article about dyslexia

“Do you wish you could type faster?” asks Neil Sleight from Talking Typist, who makes a welcome return to HTWB to bring us up to date on yet more improvements to voice recognition software (VRS) since his last article two years ago. I was pre … [Continue reading]

“I help people” … but so does everybody else

I help people...

How often do you see in written bios, and hear in business networking meetings, "I/we help people/clients to....." ?? Of course there's nothing wrong with that. It's a good way to start off for a number of reasons. That's why so many of us use … [Continue reading]