OF COURSE – a humorous poem about pompous egocentrics

Funny poem about the term of course

How to write better humorous poetry ... a tribute in verse this time, to people who love to patronise others by prefacing everything they say (almost) with the term "of course." These people invariably consider themselves (or want to be considered) … [Continue reading]

How to write better Terms and Conditions

How to write better Terms and conditions HTWB

Getting the Terms and Conditions right is essential for all businesses, and many smaller businesses can write their own, so saving on cost and time. But just as with employment contracts and other formal documentation, getting the "Ts & Cs" … [Continue reading]

A horsey smell to your writing?

How to write better horse humour! If you love horses ... or even hate them ... you'll appreciate some of the jokes I have curated - and written - in both of my humour books about these noble creatures: this one about horses, and this one about … [Continue reading]

Insidious B*sterds – Writing From The Heart

Poem about an Englishman's view of the USA today

For this episode of Writing From The Heart please welcome plain English poet Inappropriate Grahame, from Rugby (where the game originated), England. I had the pleasure of meeting Grahame when we were in the famous Hunt's Bookshop in central Rugby a … [Continue reading]

How to write a bullet-proof employment contract: 5 Top Tips

how to write an employment contract

How to write better employment contracts ... There's far more to writing for business than running up emails and blog posts, as you know. Employment contracts, for example, not only have to be accurate and detailed but also must be legally correct. … [Continue reading]

Help us judge the Spam Of The Month Awards

Will you help us out here? We want to award a can of Spam to the writer of the funniest spam of the month but can't make up our minds from the following. Which do you think deserves this glittering accolade? Speaking on behalf of all of … [Continue reading]