A poem about political willie-waving, plus a few…

Feeling irritated by the political lunacy going on in UK and US politics? Me too. Here’s my reaction. Please share yours!

Political poem on How To Write Better


Here in year twenty nineteen
Give this poem a good eyeball
Politics just make us scream
Brexit chaos, Trumpy’s wall

People older than, say, 50
Will be saying “what has gone wrong?”
Good old days were much more nifty
But our world has moved along.

Moved along to stuff more scary
Wonder what our kids will suffer?
Will this sh*t make kids more wary
Or will they just pull down the shutter?

“Land Of The Free” in the U-S
Dealing with the POTUS vain
Billions for such issues pointless
How to your kids do you explain?

Strictly speaking, as a writer
Shouldn’t rant about such things
As a poet – laughs! – however
Want to share a thought that brings…

Peace to politics wherever
An end to arguments so vile
No more willie-waving ever
Just common sense once in a while.

Ah, I’m dreaming. You are too.
Common sense is not a factor
In what politicians do
Far too much of a detractor.

Where’s the answer? I don’t know
And I suspect that’s true right here
What do you think? Share the flow
State your opinions – have no fear!

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