Professional CV-résumé writers: what jobseekers REALLY need to know

Hiring a professional CV writer?
Make sure yours genuinely IS a professional

We’re really pleased to welcome back our lovely Lynn Tulip from Assessment4Potential to share some useful warning words about professional CV writers, and how you – as a job seeker – make sure you choose a good one.

Professional CV writing is one of the new occupations which shouldn’t be dismissed too quickly.

 A good professional CV writer will not only have a good understanding about the world of work, but also will have a good command of the English language. And, most importantly, a really professional CV writer  will need to meet, talk and discuss with you what, how, why and where your CV is going to be used.

Too many people are now labeling themselves as professional CV writers without any credence at all.

Reasons to use a professional CV writer

Look at the credentials and background of the professional CV writer. Have they had some training within the career management, HR or recruitment sector?  A professional CV writer with kudos will have a history in industry, some training/qualifications that relate to recruitment and the world of work.

Professional CV writers specialize in working with clients to produce unique, tailored and appropriate CVs. Make sure that any professional CV writer you chose has testimonials and can understand what you are looking for.

When it comes to altering your existing CV, a good professional CV writer will be able to appraise and advise on the content, layout and aim without costing you too much money.  Looking at your CV with fresh eyes can mean the difference between a good CV and an outstanding one.

A professional CV writer knows what to leave in, what to highlight and what to leave out. They should have an extensive knowledge of the keywords that will make a difference on your CV.

CVs are rarely perfected in one go; a professional CV writer will work with you over a few sessions whether it is face to face, by e-mail or phone.  Be prepared to let your CV develop as you remember your successes and share them with the professional CV writer.

Independent advice from a professional CV writer is most valid; it’s their job to recognize the strengths, accomplishments and background in a CV. Be guided by their advice and focus on key elements that match your job application aims.

Can anyone set up as a professional CV writer? Yes, it would seem so.

Is professional CV writing a relatively new occupation? Yes, it might well be, so remember “Buyer Beware”.

This article first appeared on Lynns’s own website, Assessment4Potential.

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  1. Nice points Lynn, sometimes we struggle to know which CV format is the right one depending on our qualifications and skills, i think its a great idea to get a professional to do it for you.

    • Thanks for that George! I think Lynn will be along later to reply to you in person.

    • Many thanks for your comment George, you are so right about different formats depending on skills and experience. It can also depend on the stage you are in your career, the sector and the actual role in how you present your CV.

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