Readers from China: please tell us how we can help you more!

HTWB Chinese flagOver the last few months here on HTWB we have noticed a rapidly increasing number of readers from China, which is wonderful – I am so  pleased to welcome you here!

Given that we Europeans are not yet good at learning other languages, it makes me feel very humble to think that so many of you Chinese readers are able to share our English language posts here on HTWB and benefit from them (as I assume you do as there are now so many of you.)

So please let us know what more  you’d like to see and share…

China is now tying for 2nd place with the UK, for number of page views here…

According to our main form of readership / visits measurement, China is soon to become the second largest audience for HTWB after the USA … overtaking that of the UK where the site is based.

Stat measuring devices, as I’m sure know, vary in their accuracy. And although I know from those in this blogsite which show the approximate number of visits from China, I can’t see where those visits are going.

Which articles/blog posts do you people in China find most useful?

As you know, here on HTWB we cover a lot of different writing genres including business, social and even literary writing.

Given that more and more people from your country are joining us, I really would love to know just which areas of HTWB you find most helpful, so I can focus on that.

Is it business writing in English?

Social writing in English?

Humor in English?

English grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc.?

Or just writing in English whatever that involves?

Or something else?

Please let me know … either in the comments here, or privately via the contact box >>>> or email me on

And I really look forward to hearing from you.


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photo credit: Dudley Carr via photopin cc