Remember, remember what they wrote about the 5th of November: BUT keep us all safe

This year in the UK and a number of other countries, we won’t be allowed to have lavish outdoor fire pits or bonfires or BBQs in honour of celebrating Guy Fawkes’ embarrassing failure to blow up the British Houses of Parliament.

In the UK at least a few fireworks set off from the back yard would probably wiggle past the current COVID lockdown rules and whether according to the rules or not, you can bet your boomy bum-bum that we in England, at least, will be listening to the popping and zooming of fireworks on Thursday night right through to the end of the weekend. Or longer.

guy fawkes 2020

It’s not just spiders that scare animals: fireworks can do them real, long-term damage.

And then there is Diwali the following weekend. More fireworks.

Fireworks are fun for people: not for animals

Being a country girl at heart and owner – past and present – of horses, dogs and cats, my memories of Guy Fawkes Night consist mainly of shutting horses into stables well before nightfall and praying that a stray firework doesn’t land on the roof set the stables on fire.

It also consists of dosing up two of my dogs who are terrified of the noise but fortunately respond to a wonderful herbal calming product** I’ve found and making sure my cats are safely tucked up indoors in case some Neanderthal decides to attach fireworks to their tails and light the blue touch paper. (It happens, trust me. These monstrocities think it’s hilarious.)

Have a great time AND please make sure everyone and everything are safe

Sorry to be a killjoy, but as any sensible person knows as long as you take the right precautions folks can have a good time on November 5th without creating danger for innocent creatures (including humans…)


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