Selfies in your blog posts? Nah, try Belfies and more…

Selfies in your blog posts? Nah try Belfies and more

My one and only Selfie. Ever.
Yes, that is my nose and hand.

Images in our business blog posts are very topical right now, especially as copyright rules are getting a lot tougher.

Solution? Go for Selfies.

But hey – aren’t these getting a bit pedestrian?

Let’s take a longer look at Belfies and other derivatives so we stay cool …

Save yourself from copyright disputes and take your own pix

Such a good idea. Taking your own pix is a notion promoted by many colleagues of mine, largely because a) even with a simple smartphone the quality of a shot is likely to be good enough to illustrate a blog post and b) by taking your own shots you avoid getting bitten in the ankles by the increasingly serpentine copyright laws where images are concerned.

But we’re not talking simple third party photography here. Selfies, as you know, are pix shot from a cellphone at arm’s length by the phone’s owner, of the owner him/herself.

Belfies, so I’m told, are similar self portraits but this time of the cellphone owner’s backside. Yes, it’s true. And don’t ask me how long your arms need to be to attain a reasonably well-focused shot of your own *ss … I haven’t tried, and I’m not planning to do so in the near future.

So what else can we do with “-elfies?”

For starters, it seems the UK’s Daily Whoops has endeared us to our darling David Beckham who is now posting Delfies all over the place, bless him. He’s a lovely, good looking guy but I do wish he’d stick to soccer, don’t you?

All the same I think the whole concept of “-elfies” is great, and deserves to be taken seriously by us business bloggers as well as everyone else in the blogosphere. Hence, here are some of my suggestions for variants thereof in photos taken and used by bloggers…

Blingfies: shots of your shiny new engagement ring, especially if you’re a reality star and the diamond involved is big enough to choke a horse.

Cellfies: shots you take with your cellphone of your equally drunken friends taking pictures of you with their cellphones.

Fallfies: Selfies taken while you’re upside down on the floor of someone’s living room, believing that your drunken stumble is the funniest thing to happen in years. (Trust me, it’s not. And when you sober up you’ll agree with that.)

Ghoulfies: pix you take (when overly-refreshed) of vague shapes, convinced that you’ve found a terrifying source of ghosts and ectoplasm, only to find you’ve photographed the halos around the lights in the ladies’ room.

Healfies: smug, self-satisfied Selfies of you trotting cheerfully on a treadmill at the gym. Is that smile a little bit forced? Just maybe?

Jealfies: Selfies you take of yourself canoodling with someone else’s boyfriend.

Kettlefies: Innocent shots of you in your kitchen drinking a nice cup of tea, having just shoved the vodka bottle out of range of the viewfinder.

Metalfies: Selfies taken by teenage boys at heavy metal concerts whilst being crowd-surfed to music and dumped into the mosh pit.

Quelquefies: Selfies, French style. Don’t ask.

Schmoozefies: you next to a celebrity who smiles emptily and wonders where the hell his/her security goons have disappeared to.

Sexyfies: shots of yourself in various states of undress. Save it for the porn sites: your boss / parent / teacher / partner is bound to see it if you post it on Facebook.

Snorkelfies: you in a mask and flippers underwater on vacation, unaware that a huge jellyfish is right by your bum and about to make you feel that burn, baby…

Snottyfies: you and friends against a backdrop of Buckingham Palace or the boss’s grandiose office. Give us a break.

blogging,writing,blog writing,business,newsletter,,How To Write Better,Suzan St MaurSwimfies: Selfies of you languishing in a swimming pool sipping a Pina Colada and making your winter-bound/office-bound friends want to strangle you.

Do you do “selfies” (or even “belfies?”)

I have only just scratched the surface with these options above ^^^ – so please share your favorites and expand our glossary…

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  1. I am definetly due for some Swimfies 🙂 I have been a victim of the selfie craze but Swimfies are more fun! Right now I’m in the perfect position for a Kettlefie but don’t hide the vodka it’s a Friday night!!!