She has the perfect face for radio…

She has the perfect face for radio

The perfect face for radio…

…as my late mother, who didn’t exactly rate my talents very highly, often used to say.

However my voice on radio isn’t too bad

After having smoked cigarettes for 20 years I only quit when my son, then aged 9, shamed me into it back in 2001 (NB: by the time he was 14 he had taken it up along with all his cool buddies in secondary / high school. He still uses an e-cigarette now, aged 23. Go figure.)

Anyway now, still, my dulcet tones hang down towards the alto or even baritone and to this day I sometimes get called “Mr St Maur” by pea-brained telesales nitwits who haven’t yet figured out that “Suzan” is an exclusively female name, with perhaps the exception of an occasional drag queen.

A few words from me, in audio tones

Here, now, is a bijou radio interview I did recently on the Business Brunch Show at Secklow Sounds, a radio station in Milton Keynes, England, which will give you an idea of what I do, what I sound like, and what I need to do to scrape my bass vocal tones off the floor.

Unless you want to listen to some words from the Head Honcho of our local Chamber of Commerce – much as that’s interesting locally but not for you if you’re in e.g. Philadelphia, Sacramento, Mumbai, Nairobi, Sydney or Auckland – you’ll find my bit starting from the third from the left group of lower spikes. As per the arrow.


Thank you for listening!

Hope you found it interesting.