Small business: how to write better training for your staff

Running or working in a small business and want to know how to make your words work better for you? Here’s a brand new series just for you.

This time we’re looking at how to write training that works better…

How to write better training for your staff

You may only have a few employees, but keeping them well trained is a key investment in the success of your business. And as many experts suggest, training your people is not an invitation for them to move on to better things.

On the contrary: there is an old joke which may be amusing, but holds true …

If you train your staff, there’s a risk they’ll leave; if you don’t, there’s a risk they’ll stay…

Although there are many generic training programmes, courses and other resources out there on the internet and beyond which can help you, there are times when training your staff needs to be bespoke: designed purely for what your business needs.

Should you go out and spend substantial sums to buy in the bespoke training you need?

Or can you generate that training yourselves, with a little help from HTWB? Read on.

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