Some harsh-but-true words about “bestselling books”

Please welcome back my wonderful, straight-talking friend and colleague from Toronto, Tsufit – who has some startling and true words to say about “bestselling authors,” as I have on more than one occasion. Because it’s so easy to manipulate the system with online book sales, the perceived value of being a bestselling author is shrinking by the day. Over to Tsufit

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“Put a brick between 2 covers, add endorsements & great title; it’ll sell.” Tsufit

“You can take a BRICK, slap it between a provocative front and back cover with a great title, add some strong endorsements and your book will sell.”

That’s exactly what I told the participants in my Book Creation Workshop the first time I ran it a few years ago.

It’s certainly not something I recommend or teach. Write a cool book!

I was just trying to make a point about the importance of a good title and cover and great endorsements.

About the brick, I was joking. Almost…

Turns out I was righter than I thought!

Enter entrepreneur and marketer, Brent Underwood, who was frustrated (or perhaps amused) by the fact that any Tom, Dick or Harry can claim to be a best-selling author nowadays.

To prove his point, Brent took a photo of his left foot, made it into a book cover, slapped on a title, Putting My Foot Down, and uploaded his new 1 page book to Amazon.

putting foot down - new book

Best-seller status is (now) B.S. thanks to the cheats

You get to choose categories on Amazon, so he chose a couple where there wasn’t likely to be much competition.

One of the categories he chose was Freemasonry–not a ton of competition.

He got his Mom to buy 2 copies and by the time the 3rd copy was sold, Brent Underwood was an Amazon best-selling author, as proven by the orange “Amazon Best-Seller” label Amazon put up next to his book.

Result, this story has received international attention; he’s got attention from The New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, The Paris Review and it looks like there may be a “real book” in the works based on this story.

Note from Suze: have a browse through some of the reviews this book got on Amazon. com – hilarious.

So… moral of the story time… (You choose.)

  1. A) Truth is stranger than fiction
  2. B) Best-Seller status is B.S.
  3. C) Creative irreverent action can attract international publicity
  4. D) Put a brick between 2 covers, add endorsements & great title; it’ll sell.
  5. E) All of the above
  6. F) Other ______________(Send me your response via the comments below.)

Folks, you can sell anything so long as you learn how to focus the spotlight on it.
Author, Step Into The Spotlight!

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