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Our most popular categories here on HTWB

Agony Columns
Readers’ writing problems discussed and solved … feel free to send in any question you may have and we’ll either answer it ourselves, or will find out the right answer for you. Meanwhile scroll through the current topics as you may well find your query has been answered to one that’s very similar.

More than 250 articles and tutorials with everything you need to know about blogging for business and other purposes. And it’s not just how to go about blogging; there are dozens and dozens of ideas on what to blog about, whatever your business or topic.

Business English if you’re not a native speaker 
Many of the articles and tutorials here on HTWB are suitable for everyone, whether native English speakers or not. However this category is particularly aimed at the non-native English speaker, especially those who need to speak English for business.

Business writing
A large catchall – nearly 600 articles and tutorials covering every imaginable need for writing in business, from media advertising to emails, reports and minute taking.

Fiction Without The Fuss
A section for fiction writers covering a wide range of issues including publishing and editing. In addition, there’s the superb series of tutorials (which has now been turned into a best-selling book) written by novelist and fiction editor Lucy McCarragher

Horsey Corner
If you love horses, come to this category to share some of Suzan St Maur’s lifelong relationship with these equids and the incredibly funny four-legged things that have happened over the years.

Music and poetry
Very useful resource for both the songwriter and poet, with tutorials from a number of successful poets and musicians including members of the world-famous Dankworth family. Also includes excerpts from Suzan St Maur’s book of rude humorous verse, Mischieverse.

A more thorough look at the publishing industry worldwide and the pitfalls waiting out there for innocent new writers of both fiction and nonfiction. Contributions from several experts and from Suzan St Maur’s own experience of having written and had published more than 30 nonfiction and humor titles.

Social Media
Some very useful guidelines on writing for the social media … how to post on the various platforms … how to comment on threads … and much more.

Social writing
More than 300 articles on how to write for anything from a letter of sympathy when someone dies, to how to write personal emails, share your sympathies when someone has lost the job, and many more. The most popular category on HTWB with the article “What to write when someone has died” having been read by nearly 60,000 people since HTWB began a few years ago.

Students’ writing
This category includes a great series of funny-but-useful articles written by recent university graduate Jackson Rawlings, who shares his tips to fellow young people on how to survive when writing essays, dissertations and other academic stuff that can be quite a shock to the systems of students … especially freshers.

Training That Works
Very helpful category that looks at how to write various forms of training material right across the board. With contributions from specialists as well as our in-house writers.

Write Way to Get a Job
More than 50 articles and tutorials on writing about and for employment purposes. Includes a serialisation of career development consultant Lynn Tulip’s excellent book, “Get That Job.” Covers everything on the writing you need to do to look for a job, from LinkedIn profile to answering job ads and much, much more. One of HTWB’s most popular categories.

Writing books
A partner of the Publishing category, this one shares a lot of information on the process of book writing … the discipline you need … how to handle what seems like a huge project in a way that’s comfortable to achieve … and many more topics around book writing, editing and processing.

Writing discussion
A category where we look at more controversial issues that arise in connection with writing. These articles tend to generate quite lively discussions but mainly these days, they take place on social media abstracts rather than here on HTWB!

Writing for speakers
Another hugely popular category here on HTWB – all about writing speeches for yourself and for others. This includes many articles and tutorials on wedding speeches – not only for the traditional male line up but also for every member of the couple’s friends and family who might be asked to perform.

Writing for video
Here’s where you’ll find all you need to know about the modern take on video – yes, even the “point-and-squirt” smartphone variety – and how to produce a good result which, of course, those all important words. Contributions include articles by videographers, a makeup artist, editors, actors and of course the Grandma Moses of corporate video herself, Suzan St Maur.

Writing humour
If you enjoy humour in writing, you’ll find coming up to 400 articles in this category all destined to make you laugh out loud. Not surprisingly, this is also one of the most popular categories on HTWB and its topics are nearly to be found in HTWB’s Google Analytics…

Writing Mechanics
And last but most certainly not least, this is where you’ll find all the tips you need on spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and other mechanical issues connected with writing, whatever it is you write. We try to keep these light and humorous, not stuffy and academic, and people really do seem to like them.

And as promised, here are some of the most popular individual articles and tutorials, based on what our analytics (including Google) tell us… 


How to write to someone who is dying
How to write a death announcement
What to write when someone has died
How to write a letter of sympathy when someone dies
How to write a eulogy
How to write an obituary
Cancer: what to write to someone who has it
Writing about cancer: help, humour or hindrance?
How do I thank the family of my kidney donor?
What to write when someone has lost their job
What to write to someone whose relationship just broke up


10 tips for women to make great wedding speeches
Wedding speeches: Mom or Grandma? Make a speech that wows them
How to make a great bride’s wedding speech
How to make a great best man’s wedding speech
How to make a great groom’s wedding speech
How to make a great father of the bride wedding speech
Weddings: the “best man’s” speech, by a woman
Weddings: the “father of the bride” speech, by a woman
How to tell funny jokes in a speech – tutorial
10 quick tips for talks and speeches: how to time yours perfectly


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Families and life-work balance
The future for your customers
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News and current affairs


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