Spam, assignment writing services and other crap: trying or trivial?

Do you ever get spammed by covert assignment writing services and other shady outfits writing to you about what they can do that your customers will love, and you know perfectly well they haven’t even grasped what your business is all about?

spam about assignment writing services on HTWB

Before you start spamming English language writing sites, learn grammar and how to ****ing spell.

Do you sigh and hit the delete key patiently, feeling sorry for these poor lambs who are struggling to get ahead and do not yet understand that a) spamming is a sin and b) spamming and getting their facts wrong is an even greater sin?

Or do you spit fur and feathers and rant about how people in business who can’t be bothered to do their homework should have been sterilised at birth?

And do you keep your temper when you realise that the little monkeys, when they submit their wonderful article for you to publish on your website, sneak in a couple of embedded links to anything from a used car sales business to a porn site?

Assignment writing services – why they get the chop here

This being a site about writing, we get endless emails from “budding writers” who offer to send us a wonderful article that either states the obvious blatantly or is entirely irrelevant to the topic. Nine times out of ten their hidden agenda is to advertise an assignment writing service for students which, when you check it out, drones on about editing and coaching but really says “use us to write all your college work for you for just $XX a shot.”

This gets my back up, especially when I remember how hard my son and various other college students worked to write those incredibly tedious academic pieces of work that were second only to Zopiclone as a cure for insomnia.

Yet seeing how many hundreds and thousands of these assignment writing services exist, it must be a very lucrative market.

Not long ago we did accept an original article from one such organisation, sent in the guise of a “freelance writer” who did an article on some topic or other here on HTWB. She was very miffed to find that in editing her article we quietly removed the links to the assignment writing agency she was fronting for.


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Doesn’t this make you wonder how many graduates you might interview for a job have actually done the work to earn their degrees? Doesn’t it make you spit when you think how you slaved over essays, dissertations et al as student yourself? And don’t you feel sorry for teachers and lecturers who need to be psychics as well, so they can weed out the cheaters?

Without doubt, the delete key is the fastest way to get rid of such spam, whatever business you’re in. But if you want to give them a piece of your mind…

Here are a couple of examples of such spam emails that I receive nearly every day, along with my replies.

My name is Sasha. I’m a  freelance writer and  content marketer  from Texas.
I’m reaching out to see if you’d be interested in a guest post
Here are several ideas that I think your readers will find valuable.
15 Things That Will Inspire You to Write More
8 Things to Remember When You Felling Stuck in Writing
A Basic Guide to Becoming a Ghost Writer
Let me know if you like any of these ideas. I’ll be glad to start working on a post immediately.

What I replied…

Hi Sasha,
If you want to get your articles published, you need to be a bit more careful with your English.
8 Things to Remember When You Felling Stuck in Writing
Can you not see the grammar and spelling mistakes in this title?
It should be something like “8 Things to remember when you get stuck with your writing.”
If you go to our website, search for “syntax” and also “spelling.”
You don’t have to sign up or pay anything, so our help is free.
All good wishes, Suzan

What I should have replied…

Hi Sasha,
Do you honestly think my readers would find it valuable to know what advice you have about “felling stuck?”
Before you start spamming English language writing sites, learn grammar and how to ****ing spell.
And by the way, telling a spamee what you think my readers will like makes me want to print out your email and set fire to it.
Have a nice future as a street sweeper.

And another one…

I recently came across your “How to write a good travel blog | How To Write Better” page and really loved it 🙂
I won’t take much of your time. I’m from Tech Help Canada, one of the top entrepreneurship resource sites.
Our editorial team recently published a resource on Creating Better Content for Websites so thought you might be interested in having a look.
Do you mind if I send you the link? I would love to know what you think about it and whether you’d be interested in sharing it on your site 🙂
Best Regards, (name)

What I replied…

Hi (name)
This website covers creating better content for websites in some depth, in case you hadn’t noticed.
If you want to forward some original ideas, not duplicates, that aren’t already covered on my site, please do so.
Happy reading. Suzan St Maur

What I should have replied…

Hi (name)
To borrow a phrase from the IT world, RTFM – “Read The ****ing Manual.”
If you were to have any chance of attracting anything other than our derision, you would have read past whatever your spam-scraping machine threw up from our site and, reading for a few minutes, you would have seen that there are hundreds of articles there already about creating content for websites and all allied things.
Why the hell would we want a boring duplicate post from a tech site?
Do us all a favour, stick to Tech Help and stop giving us Canadians a bad name.

With spam like this, are you a Softy or a Nasty? Please share your views!