Students: 3 things you should do this summer to get ready for uni writing

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This week I’m taking a break from my usual, (let’s face it, flawless) format to bring you a quick, more general look at what you can do in the next month and a bit to get ready for uni (“college” in the USA).

Think of this as sort of cross between one of those mid-series TV clip shows and those summer style tips columns you get in Cosmopolitan (not that I’ve ever read Cosmopolitan… ahem).

So let’s do this like an awful late 90s pop-chart show, in reverse order. In at number 3:

3/ Get tooled up

small__5659989250In the old days when great old Uncle Jackson (and I mean great in the ‘really good’ sense, not in the aged relative way) was preparing for uni, this meant buying a dictionary and a thesaurus and cranking up the steam-powered typewriter (I actually had a very nice Sony VAIO, but that’s not as funny ).

These days, it basically means get a decent laptop. This tip only hits the number 3 spot because technically it’s not really about writing, but as at least between 0.5 and 1% of what you do at uni will be writing on of these things, it’s worth a mention.

2/ Get swotted up

What I mean is, maybe flick through a book about your subject before the day you leave Mum and Dad in tears at the car.

You won’t do this, but you should. It’s a long old summer between school and uni and it’s easy to forget how to learn stuff (seriously, I spent that particular summer in Magaluf and had forgotten what a book was by the time I returned).

At least have a cursory glance at you course and module outlines so you have some idea of what exactly it is you’re going to have to pretend you know loads about in the upcoming term.

1/ Get rested up

Honestly, this might seem like a bit strange advice to receive in terms of preparing for uni, but seriously spend at least some of the next month with your derriere planted firmly on the sofa.

small__3267923031I don’t mean watching TV or playing FIFA, I mean literally doing NUFFINK! Chill out, meditate, listen to whale song.

Why? Because despite all the lazy, hung-over days you’ll have at uni, it will be bloomin’ stressful at times. So make the most of your chance not to have to worry until September comes a’calling.

That’s all for this week folks, check back next time for another brief interlude from the usual series, with my 5 things you definitely shouldn’t  do to get ready for writing at uni.

Until then, I will try to not be anyone other than myself, but can’t promise anything what with peer pressure these days and all that. Adios.

I’ve been Jackson Rawlings and next time I will be too.

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