Swearing: would you open this book to find out more?

Please welcome once again my good friend and colleague Tsufit, from Toronto, whose emails are always interesting and this one, in particular, grabbed my attention. Swearwords are a hot topic in communications of all kinds today and Tsufit – as always – hits the nail right on the head…Sz.

Saw this book on display in a small local library. 

If you saw it on display in a library or a book store, would you open it?

cover illustration to promtoe book

Love it or hate it, one thing is for sure.

It stands out.

It gets noticed.

It could have just as easily been called The YOLO Diet: Eat Whatever You Want

YOLO (you only live once) would have been a nice play on YOYO Diet.

Probably there is such a book.

If not, someone should write it.

Or it could have been called The Eat Whatever You Want Diet.

There’s probably a book by that name, too.

But neither would likely get as much attention as this one.

Once you get inside (haven’t read it, just flipped through), it appears to be a serious book on the topic.

What is the job of a book title?

Or a book cover?

Or a business name?

Or a business logo?

Or the headline of an article?

Or the name of your blog or product?

It’s to get your prospect to read the article, open the box, check it out.

It’s to attract the ideal customer and repell the rest.

To polarize your audience.

To stand out.

Did this book succeed?

Does the stuff you create for YOUR business do this?

Something to think about…



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