The 12 social media days of Christmas

The 12 social media days of Christmas

See how well Christmas and social media work together?

It’s high time we reexamine the lyrics to this lovely Christmas song given that the values of partridges in pear trees and even five golden rings have been substantially diminished in recent times. Hence my rewrite of the lyrics here: but please substitute your own preferences in the comments… [Read more…]

The 12 days of HowToWriteBetter 2012

Altogether now:

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me

Some great tips on writing, for free…

(…and from here on…)

Two question marks

Three adverbs

Four adjectives

Five am-per-sands!

Six commas crowing

Seven hyphens huffing

Eight dashes dashing

Nine colons clunking

Ten words a-working

Eleven nouns a-nodding

Twelve verbs a-vying

…and some great tips on writing, for free!

With every good wish for this Holiday season and for 2013!

Suzan St Maur

Suze xx

Barbara Saul

Babs xx

Lynn Tulip

Lynn xx

Lucy McCarraher

Lucy xx

from HowToWriteBetter

The 12 days of Social Media Christmas

In honor of the true spirit of the Holiday Season I thought it was time Social Media made a contribution to the festivities, so here it is.

Please sing along to the tune of “the 12 Days of Christmas…”

On the first day of Christmas my SocMed sent to me…

A Facebo-ok fa-an page for free

The 12 days of Social Media Christmas(and from here on…)

Two LinkedIn updates

Three Flickr flicks

Four Pinterestings

…..Five Twitter tweets!

Six Digg delights

Seven Reddit reads

Eight Delicious links

Nine Stumble Up-ons

Ten Yahoo Buzzes

Eleven YouTube tunes

Twelve Google Pluses

…and a Facebo-ok fa-an page for free.

OK. Now who can come up with another 12?

Please share in the comments…

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