Some wise advice about banks, banking, life and everything…

banks,banking,robbery,morals,funny jokes,humor,hilariousThanks to my good friend Laurence H. for sharing this learned parable about banks and banking, and how they relate to life in general.

It’s supposed to be funny, but actually is all too realistic…

A few years ago robbers entered a bank in a small town. One of them shouted, “don’t move! The money belongs to the bank. Your lives belong to you.” [Read more…]

Help! How can we successfully launch an educational product for children without spending a fortune?

education,products,wildlife,marketing,project,writing,adviceDear HTWB Agony Columns

My company makes and sells educational books, DVDs and other offline and online products for schools to use as projects and as a blended boost along with their regular curricular studies. We have a new wildlife/conservation product ready to go and… [Read more…]

When helping gets turned into busybody interference

HTWB PWW busybodyWhen you help someone – either in business or socially – have you ever been rebuffed and told to mind your own business even though you’ve done your very best and the person concerned has been grateful for your assistance? [Read more…]