ABC Challenge: judge now! Learn how Lynn loves helping people leap into better jobs

Lynn loves helping people live and love through earning and achieving better jobs.

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ABC Challenge: judge now! Sussex biz group uses ABC to set up sexy 2014 conference

How about this for a clever way to announce a new business conference in Haywards Heath, Sussex, UK?

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ABC Challenge finals: judge now! Debbie does it decisively…

Do you think Debbie has got this blog writing right?

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ABC Challenge finals: judge now! Carol on a quest for inspiration…

Should Carol explore karma and kinship in her writing?

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ABC Challenge finals: judge now! A yearnin’ to learn German with Angelika…

Do you love the German language and wish you could speak it perfectly?

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ABC Challenge finals: judge now! Andrea gobbles breakfast with her boyfriend

Would Andrea’s breakfast routine gobble your imagination?

Does her enthusiasm fire up your ideas for an invigorating and healthy morning rountine?

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