A short story for Remembrance Day


by Suzan St Maur

story for Rememberance Day

The gravel hitting the window caused me to wake with a start. I curled back the curtain and looked out. Silly lad. I silently raised the sash.

“I thought you were going back to the base tonight!”

“I was. I did.” Will stage-whispered. “Then I went out again. Back door, so to speak.”

“Ooh, naughty.”

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Remembrance Day 2018

November 11th 2018

For all who fell, and for all who served

Remembering my grandfather, Major Crawford Mack Hercus, who served with the Canadian Forces in northern Europe in World War One

Remembering my father, Captain Crawford MacGregor Hercus, who served with the Canadian Forces in northern Europe in World War Two

Remembering my mother, Jacqueline Forgan-Potts Hercus, who served with the Resistance Movement in northern Europe in World War Two

They survived, but so many of their colleagues didn’t.

Now my relatives are gone, too.

May they and all who served with them

rest in peace, and may we always be grateful

for their bravery, devotion to duty and

determination to protect us from evil.

Sz xx


Armistice Day – never forget those who die for what they believe in

Much is written about Remembrance at this time of the year and we read about how it is celebrated on a variety of days which suit various countries and causes.

Armistice Day

More than 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians died during the Great War.

However many people believe that our true day of Remembrance is on Armistice Day which commemorates the signing of the Armistice at the end of World War One at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, 1918.

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